Exchange notifications not being sent?

I’ve posted a couple of requests on the Exchange. Usually, they get completed pretty quickly, within 24hrs. But I’ve not had a response for a few days. Evgueny mentioned that he didn’t recieve any notifications. (see Exchange Requests - Language Forum @ LingQ) Is there an issue with Exchange notifications not being sent?

Hmm, I’ll look into this today and see what I can find out…

I checked into this and it seems to be working properly - I submitted a request to myself and the email came through around 20 seconds after I posted it. I wonder if in Evgueny’s case they may have gone into his spam folder for some reason. However, it does seem to be working properly on our end.

Thanks for checking it out. I’ll keep an eye on it and see what happens next time I post something on the Exchange.

Hello Alex,
well it might be working in some cases, but not in all. I just received a private Exchange request from Fernanda, almost four hours ago, and I did not get any email. I checked my spam folder as well. I only noticed it by accident in my Notifications popup.
Thank you for checking this.

Would it be possible to look at this issue again, please? For exchange requests in French, I have noticed that there is a request that has been open since November 20th. In addition, about 6 hours ago I posted an exchange request, the points have been withdrawn, but my request is not even visible on the website.

Hi Alex. I’m not getting email notifications for Exchange requests either. I’ve just noticed one because I visited the site.

OK, let me do some further investigating here!

On your specific request, I checked the Exchange and your request posted yesterday seems to be appearing properly. Do you see it now? Make sure that your filters at the top say "Showing [All} studying [French] from [All Countries] and you should be able to see it.

I now received correctly the notifications for an Exchange request from 08nessh, so it does not seem to be systematic. Thank you anyway Alex!

No, it continues!.. I’ve received only one notificatiobn about the exchange, maybe because it was the Personal Exchange during last 5 days. Before I received almost every day 1-3 Open Exchanges. And one more strange thing: I’ve looked at Neofight page today because he often sends the Exchanges. In fact, I saw there an Exchange - I didn’t receive the notification about it. I’ve fulfilled it, but when I wanted to record the corrected version, I couldn’t attach the record!.. Maybe because I did it from the page of Neofight? And how can I attach the record now?

This is worrying. It would be handy if one of the other Russian tutors let us know if they received any emails. That would help confirm the problem, or not as the case may be.

Hmmm… also interesting… I am “watching” this thread but have never received any notification emails for it. Is this possibly connected?

That’s a separate issue - it looks like a previous email bounced so our mail provider unsubscribed you. I’ve now resubscribed you, so you should be receiving forum notifications and other emails now.

The Exchange Request notifications are sent through a different system. I checked and we did have some issues with this over the weekend, so after a recent fix the notifications should hopefully now be sending again properly. I sent myself a request from a test account today and it did seem to send as expected, so hopefully they’ll be sending now!

Thanks for the update. I’ll keep an eye on it all and see how it goes…

Ah, just received a notification email for this thread! With a nice new design it would seem too :slight_smile:

Hello again. Unfortunately my post is still not visible when I go to Open Requests. I also have not receive corrections (except for one) which might indicate that tutors are not being notified.

To clarify, your own requests don’t show in the Open Requests - they instead show in My Requests and in the main Exchange section. I can confirm that you request is showing on the Open Requests page.

I see. Thank you.

Hi, Alex. Still not convinced there isn’t a problem. Another exchange post has only had one reply after Evgueny chanced upon it. I’ve messaged a few regular tutors to comment on this thread as to whether they have received anything or not. So I’m hoping that might shed some light on it.

BTW Have you tested a public post rather than a private one?