Error: Sorry! It looks like this page can't be imported. No appropriate captions found

In the meantime, you can copy/paste the transcript and work the text of the video on LingQ, or convert the video in audio with several free tools online, and upload it to LingQ to generate the automatic transcript with Whisper.


From my understanding, LingQ attempted to upgrade the importer to Whisper Transcribe any video that had auto generated subtitles. There has obviously been some critical issue which they are having a hard time working out.

If you need auto generated subtitle you can use these free Rooster Extensions to import your content. (Firefox browser only)

(Import and Transcribe Online Videos/Spotify Import)

(Import Youtube Playlist)

Thanks for the suggestion with the transcript. The button is hidden under the show more button in the description.
You can then use find and replace in a texteditor with \d*:\d* to remove the timestamps.

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I believe this is a very KEY feature for the users. I also sent an email to them to ask for the reason but no response yet. If this cannot be resolved, I am going to cancel the recurring subscription. I need to remind you guys that it is an automatic renewal and you need to cancel it by yourself.


It’s been almost a month since this broke. Lingq is almost useless for me unless I can import yt videos.

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This has not been fixed.


You can click on “view transcript” under the YouTube video, toggle “off” the timestamps, grab the transcript (copy), go to “import” and paste the text in, and then copy the YouTube URL into “Video” and voilá! :slight_smile:

It doenst work for android users unfortunately, I cant see the video while reading the subtitles :frowning:

Actually, you totally can. When you click the “triangle” to play the video within LingQ, then tap the video while it’s playing, you will see the same controls that appear within YouTube during playback. You can turn on “captions” and even select size/format of the captions, and select auto-generated German or whatever language you want to view. Even switch between languages for the captions, all within LingQ. :slight_smile:

Edited to add: Or do you mean that you can’t import using Android?

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Thank you for these instructions. Transcript and video link work perfectly!

Sure, but this is very annoying and time consuming if you have a lot of tiny videos to import.

Imagine doing this a 100 times while paying Lingq $13 a month.

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Oh Im talking about text within Lingq with yellow and blue words, it doens’t appear and it only works on pc. On android only videos with official subtitles works. I can send to you a print screen for you to better understand the issue :slight_smile:

I came across this error yesterday after trying to import a lesson. I’m new to LingQ and thought I was doing something wrong.
Anyway, the YouTube videos I want to import are part of a course available on a website. I’ve imported the audio from the website and used the auto generated translation on lingq then linked the video. Works perfectly but it’s a bit of a pain and doesn’t solve the issue where there isn’t a separate resource


Thanks Davide, I see the free version will take about a half hour per video on what I want to watch, it’s a shame because it’s going to limit my learning, but I really appreciate the alternative for the time being and it will have to do for now, I’m looking at alternatives to LingQ at the same time, I think there’s a lot of competition in this space coming up

Zoran, can we please get an update on this?

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Hey Davide, ignore my last message, I was going to the whisper site to get the transcript, I see LingQ’s button now to generate them. I found a quick way for those not wanting to wait.

  1. go to the target youtube video
  2. open the full description of the video
  3. click on “show transcript”
  4. open the debug tools / developer tools (right click any blank part of the site, it’ll have an option)
  5. paste this in the console that shows up: $(‘#segments-container’).textContent.replace(/\n\s+/g, ‘\n’).replace(/^\s*\d+:\d+\s*/gm, ‘’).replace(/\n/g, ’ ');
  6. copy / paste that text into the “input” section in the lingQ importer page

It’s a hacky way of course, but we’ve been waiting for LingQ to fix this for a while now and I’m not sure if they’re going to fix it since they are no longer replying to messages here.

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Actually I’m doing it more than that… 15 down, 467 to go…

I’m confirming that its now working for me on firefox, chrome, and ios… Thanks.

it’s better than nothing I guess, I will get in the habit of importing lessons ahead of time, how long did the import take you?

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for some reason the reply became it’s own message, but yeah, just wondering how long it took you to get the lesson imported