Erotic Essays

I think a few erotic lessons would be a good addition to the library. Especially in Italian if anybody is making them! The only other subject that stimulates me as much is philosophy and that is lacking too.

What do you guys think? Is erotica good for learning?

While you are free to upload this content and use it privately, there are minors on this site so we don’t allow adult content to be shared in the Library (Import Help).

Philosophy, on the other hand, is fine :slight_smile:

Damn minors! Always ruining everything! :slight_smile:

Ok. Library is one thing.
But would it be legal under Canadian laws to organize paid erotic conversations as a type of language learning services?))
However, we are probably free to submit all our fantasies as writings to tutors…

Just make sure not to share your erotic writing submissions to the LingQ blog.

"But would it be legal under Canadian laws to organize paid erotic conversations as a type of language learning services?)) "

Not illegal, but just not something that we want at LingQ, the same for writing submissions. The answer is no.

Thanks Steve.

One thing that would put me off LingQ would be erotic and blasphemous content. It is really great the way LingQ works now.

I value very much the exclusivity of my own marriage. I do not want to share erotic topics with anyone else.

Even if the material were to be clearly marked, I would not want it on LingQ because I feel that such content would divide our community into those who use such material, and those who do not. This is not just a matter of personal interest, such as whether I like to use material about football or not. It touches the basis of all personal relationships.

One of LingQ’s great strengths is the openness of our submissions to others. There is plenty to share that all of us can relate to. Let’s keep it this way!

Not to worry rae.

I’d also like to thank you, Steve. I wouldn’t like to find such content in the library and, most of all, to correct erotic writing. LingQ should remain the clean, child-friendly community it has been so far.

“blasphemous” content?

I am coming at this from a scientific point of view after reading reading Tony Buzans’ Memory book. He says that three important principles for memory are:
Emotional content, the surreal and strange, and sexual imagery. Erotic novels have all three and I can say after importing a short essay that it is very effective.

The only thing I learned from adults not being open about sexuality was that sexuality was something to be hidden. I distinctly remember my parents changing the channel when a sex scene came on the tv. I just learned that it was something to be ashamed of and not talked about.

I still agree that if you are trying to make Lingq child friendly that you shouldn’t put up sexual content. But only because it will provoke adults irrational prejudices and thus the kids may not be allowed to used the site, the same way I wasn’t allowed watch the TV. It is sad when people try and “make it about the kids” when in reality it is about the shame most us felt around the topic.

What could you possibly learn useful from such material, apart from talking dirty to the opposite sex. On of my pet peeves about many English people is that the first things they learn in the language are swear words, dirty words and then think they sound cool when they say them out loud.

I’m sure erotic stories etc are easy to find on the internet for studying yourself, but I honestly don’t think the opposite-sex would actually find it amusing or think you are clever for knowing it.

Find yourself a partner in that language, and sooner or later you’ll pick it up.

Your post proves one of my points, “swear” words tend to contain strong emotional connections so people learn them very fast. The trick is to have many of these emotionally charged words in the text so you remember the sentences easier.

Swear words are another one of those ridiculous standards people have.
Why is it bad to say this word?
Because people get angry when you say it!
So I shouldn’t say things because people might get angry?
This is ridiculous.

“Leg” used to be a swear word a few hundred years ago.

After reading Houellebecq, you’ll for sure know all the words you need.


I see your point, and yes swearing and erotic words do actually stick very easily, and I think the absolute best way to learn vocubarly is to read stuff that interests you (If that happens to be erotic material, then I’d say go for it). But making it available on LingQ would cause more problems than it’s worth. (You can find plenty of this stuff on Youtube or via a quick google search)

I think you have misunderstood what I mean about swearing. To me it all depends on the context. Swearing because you are angry or to really emphasize something, is fine IMO (I think we all do it), it adds a richness to speech when used probably. However, how would you feel if you heard drunk foreigners shouting out swear words and erotic words to Italian women. They obviously think it’s funny, but in reality it isn’t and just makes them look like idiots. I’ve experienced this so many times, mainly with British people, who think it’s clever to use such words.

I agree, that is just brutish and aggressive behavior. Screaming at someone on the street is threatening regardless of what is being said. It is the behavior more so than the words being said.

Lol this idea that many British or English people in particular are swearing yobs running around drunk all the time is a bit unfair, it is a tiny percentage that are like that. I have heard just as many people from other countries in London shouting, screaming and swearing their heads off…Unfortunately it sounds more like some individuals here have had the experience of ‘stag parties’ which sadly give off a bad image of the English. I don’t think it is ‘clever’ to use such words, but I do accept that it is an integral part of any language and should be considered such.

Good old chavs? We’ve got the Australian Bogan. In Sydney, there is the subset of the Bogan called the ‘Westie’ who originally lived in the west of the city, but are now spread throughout it. It’s all particularly hilarious. :smiley:


Spare us the moralizing. Every society has its standards of what it considers decent, pleasant, agreeable, etc… and always has. In the case of LingQ this excludes eroticism. We have allowed some colourful language in some Spanish dialogues, appropriately market, since this accurately reflects how people speak in Spain.

How about this for “erotic”: