Enjoy The New Lesson Feed And Playlist

It has been a while since we pushed our new reader. We have been working on our new interface for listing, searching and finding lessons. Today, we are launching our new Feed and Search pages. These replace the previous Learn – Home, Library, My Lessons, My Imports pages.

Recent Lessons
The first thing you see on the Feed page, are the most recent lesson from your last 4 courses in the Recent Lessons section at the top. Since you most often want to go to the last lesson you were on, we made these easily accessible. But, you can easily click through to the course or next and previous lessons in that course as well. Of course, if you want to find other lessons you can always click to see all of your lessons and search and filter them there.

Next you will see your Feed. The Feed shows you all lessons liked, completed and shared by other members in chronological order. The idea is that you should see an unending stream of lessons that other members are using and enjoying, or creating. A stream of recommended lessons. Scroll through until you find something you like.

If you see multiple lessons you like, you can just click the Save icon in the bottom right corner to add these lessons to My Lessons. You can adjust the levels of the lessons you want to have in your feed by clicking on the Settings gear icon beside Feed.

By default, all levels are selected. A good idea is to select what you think is your current level, the level above that and the level below it. If you think you are a Beginner 2, choose Beginner 1,2 and Intermediate 1.

Don’t worry too much about what your current level is. Over time you will find out which lessons suit you best. It’s also a good idea to change the level of your lessons so that sometimes you are really challenging your brain and other times you’re working more on fluency by studying lessons that are slightly easy for you.

Of course if you are looking for something in particular, you can search the Library for any tag, search term, title in the search box at right. You can use the filters at right on the Search results page to refine your search.

You can also browse the main Library page by clicking on Feed and choosing Search from the dropdown. On the Search page you can tab between the Library and My Lessons. In the Feed dropdown, you also have the option to view the new Getting Started course page for beginners.

Getting Started
The Getting Started course is a good place to start for beginners to simply follow a structured course plan one lesson at a time. As one lesson is completed, the next lesson is unlocked. Here we are trying to remove the need for new members to have to choose which lessons to study. Once they complete the course, they graduate to the Feed and can choose from lessons at their level.

You will notice the new Playlist feature. This allows you to add lesson audio files to a central list that you can then listen to continuously or shuffle. This was a commonly requested feature for those of you who like to listen on the web app. Spoiler alert – this playlist will eventually be synced with and available on the mobile app as well! To add lessons to your Playlist, just click the Add to Playlist button which appears when you have added or saved the lesson.

As usual, let us know what you think. For now, you can still access all the old Classic pages in the Classic dropdown. We are excited for you all to try these new features!



When will we be forced to change? Is it possible to let us forever use the classic view?


We don’t have a date for removing access to the classic Library pages but we will do this. What is it that you are not finding in the new pages?

Any estimates on when you might be getting around to fixing Arabic compatibility with the new reader?
Keep up the good work!

It feels like an iTunes or iOS update. I don’t want it to happen but I know I’ll have to face it some day. It was perfectly fine before and hopefully we will be able to continue using the classic view for a long time.


Can you please bring back being able to open lessons in a new tab, it’s annoying to have to re find my place whenever I want to open a new lesson, especially when revising and I want to go through 10 lessons or so, it now takes 3 times as long. The whole new interface including the reading is missing this standard internet feature and I don’t understand the logic behind it, bar poor programming.


That is looking much better than before! Good job! I like that you can see how many lingq you have in each lesson, and the playlist comes handy!!!


The Lessons feed is nice, but is there an equivalent feed to find Courses instead? At my level that’s a whole lot of “Who is She” lessons I’m wading through. :grimacing:

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I like it.

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In addition to the new Feed and Playlist functions there are performance and accuracy improvements to Library search. And, we will be continuing to work on improving in this area. In fact, the classic pages did have a fair number of deficiencies and we will not be working to improve or maintain these pages. That is why they will be retired at a suitable time. I think if you give the new pages a try and get used to the new flow you won’t feel the need to use the old pages.

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No word yet but we know it’s an issue and is in our list even though Arabic is unsupported.

I agree with you. We’ll look into that. The technology we’re using doesn’t allow that by default but I think we can enable it since we have done so with the navigation. In the meantime, I also recommend using the new Save button to add lessons to My Lessons without leaving the list you are looking at.

Please explain how to open the 1st lesson of the course?
For example, I have seen an interesting lesson in the Feed. But it has a number 53. Obviously, I don’t want to start from chapter 53.

The course title is clickable and takes you to the course list.

There is no Courses feed. But only lessons you have not taken show here. Once you take the Who is she lessons they will stop showing up. In the end, those are the lessons people at your level are studying and liking. We will continue to think about how to make the feed work better over time.

Not looking bad and a lot easier to navigate than before.

Why can’t I sort lessons/courses in the library by level in addition to likes and A-Z?
How do I get rid of the feed altogether? I’m not in the least interested in what other people are studying and I don’t want to distracted from my work either.
In the library it says New Words: xxx followed by a percentage; what does this mean?

You can filter by level on the right side just like before. You can’t get rid of the feed but you can just click on Recent Lessons or click to View All to go to My Lessons. The percentage is the percentage of unique words that are new. That is often a better indicator than the actual number of new words. You will see that the new words numbers show in different colours based on what we think are optimal target ranges for new words percentage.

How do I import a lesson now? I was quite happily clicking Learn → Import Lesson, but now it’s gone!?

Great job…Congratulations!

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What are you considering as ‘unique words’ ?