English movies with subtitles

Hello everybody ! I’m looking for a website where i could watch some movies or series in English with subtitles, i didn’t find anything, I know that in England there are Channel 4oD and BBC iplayer but it doesn’t work in France :frowning: If anyone has an idea let me know please !

Thank you !

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On Youtube you can find Skins and The Inbetweeners with English subtitles, if that’s the kind of series (lot of slang) you’re looking for. There may be other ones as well. If you use Firefox you can even download any Youtube video with the DownloadHelper add-on and then watch it with VLC for example.

I already know Skins and I’m not really fan of it but I don’t know The Inbetweeners so I will try right now :slight_smile: Then I might discover other series on youtube.
Thank you for your advise !

You can also download the movies or series you want to watch in English, and then download the English subtitles.

Um great idea ! I’m looking for an add-on on Google Chrome to download any video on any website.

Perfect I’ve found one “FVD Video Downloader”

I’m a big fan of http://www.tvsubtitles.net/ for downloading the subtitles in .srt form, which I can then study as lingq lessons. You need to find the video separately, and watch them together with a media player that can add .srt subtitles as you watch it.

@ MrCoco

You may know this already but now one can change the language of a movie/series episode (and even some German documentaries on Arte) on their TV. English subtitles are not available though, only the French ones are (and sometimes the German ones). For example if there’s a movie you’d like to watch this evening, and if it’s American or English, you could watch it in “VO”. It’s now available on most of the TNT’s channels.

Yes I already know this solution but it doesn’t work very well on my TV, I can watch some movies in VO but without subtitles it’s too hard for me and when i go in settings to enable the english subtitles unfortunatly nothing happens :frowning: So I will download videos and subtitles separately it seems to be the best solutions :slight_smile: Thanks everybody !

I bought this collection off Amazon a couple of years ago. In their product details, subtitles were available. But, they were not in the real product.
I felt really cheated. These movies are really old , audio quality is not up to the mark at least for me. Native speakers might decipher the plot with a little effort on their part. I have been looking for subtitles to these movies , I have not found them yet. If anyone can find them , do post a link or something in this thread. I really like watching mystery movies so you see I did not mind ordering old black and white movies. :slight_smile:

Hi, probably you will like this link. Free bilingual movies are offered(English and Chinese).

I want to recommend you to watch ‘‘The Inbetweeners’’ because I find it very funny and it doesn’t very difficult,at least for me.I think that the most important thing in language learning is focusing on spoken dialogues.Listening a lot of conversation helped me to develop my comprehension skills and now I’m managing understand my teacher at university when he’s speaking english.It’s not enough listening natives people ,learning a language takes practice and regularity.If you want improve your passive skills,before actives one(e.d. speaking),you can focus on watching movies severily with english subs and not worrying if you don’t understand every word.I advice to prefer TvSeries to movies so that you can note recurring characters’ expressions.I’m not agree with who says that watching cartoons is easier than watching movies or series,since when you’re watching cartoons you can’t get characters’ labial,a factor highly important in my opinion.

There is a proxy program called Expatshield which works great and is free. I watched BBC Iplayer and 4oD no problems in Germany and here, in Dublin.

Of course, we can find a large amount of films in the main languages in the Internet, but it’s impossible to find so much time to watch at least the most interesting of them!..

I think you should try: http://hdmoviezone.net/
It has a lot movie with 6 sub languages.

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I think that movies with subtitles are very useful to improve our listeling skills. However, by long practise we can enrich our vocabulary watching many of them.

hi i think that you tube can help you i mean you wont get full movie with subtitles but you can get it in parts. in my opinion eng movies with subtitle are not a really good option of ,learning eng

In any site you’ve found, you should watch BBC Sherlock Holmes. It’s brilliant!

I just found this spanish website! You can watch Online movies in English with English subtitles…