English movies with subtitles

Hi! I’m native russian speaker and now I’m learning english. I’m figured out for myself that watching films in language that U wanna study it’s very helpful, but U will learn more quickly if U turn the subtitles off! Of course, for the first time it will be difficult, but your skills in listening will encrease soon. And one of the most important things in this variant of learning is to pick up that right movie or any video material, that is matches to your current skill. Subtitles is distract your attention and U will be boring soon, because things like acting, actor’s mimic (body language) - is most important espesially in movie. Hope my experience will work for you too! Keep yourself motivated and you will be the king of the world :slight_smile:

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I myself use Netflix, which allows me to put on English or Dutch subtitles when watching English movies/Series. I don’t know if that is the same in your country though.

Try to look here , here it is full of films , perhaps some will be with subtitles ! http://viooz.as/ Try!

Three months ago Netflix started offering its services worldwide, entering a lot of new markets. I decied to subscribe to it even though it’s a little pricey in Poland and there are still too few films and serials in comparison with what say American viewers have at their disposal.

Still the reason why I decided to keep using the services were the subtitles. They have English in all the movies, and in many of them they have subtitles in other languages. It is really handy for language learners.

Hey skyblueteapot.

Do you input the subtitles with the time stamps into LingQ? Or do you somehow get rid of the time stamps?

Which video media player do you use?

Thanks in advance,

I love learn English and everyday watch movies with subtitles. I look always on site http://viooz.as/3481-sci-real-2015.html.
Viewing these films is very good for my level.

Here: los-movies.com
Los Movies
Still the best free websites to watch movies with English Subtitles!