English conversations on Skype


I am looking for someone to talk on Skype. My written and spoken level is intermediate ( this say my at school ) but I don’t fell comfortable with it especially in written. I need someone like tutor who carry on our talk and hold my progress to grow.

There must not be a native speaker! I want to talk, meet new people and friends.

I want to learn Spanish too. If there is anyone who would like me to teach Spanish from beginner level by a conversation in English really appreciate it and I’ll be very grateful.

my skype = volwgan

Best regards,

hello marlord right, i am ming ee. :slight_smile: would you mind to become skype friend with me and having conversation during free time? since i need someone to improve my english speaking level. p/s: i cant speak fluently with other during face to face so i have to build up my confidence. thank you if you are willing to do me a favor

hello marlod and mingyee! i am natalie;) i would like to meet new people worldwide also and wannna improve my english speaking.if u wanna become my skype friend,please add natalie121202 :wink:

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I am from India. I am also looking a friend whom I can talk in english. My skype id is dalalashisha , If you wanna become my friend please add me.

Hello everyone,

I’m Phelipe and I would like practice English on Skype too. My spoken level is intermediate. As Malord said, there must no be a native speaker, it would be nice to practice with different accents.

my skype = phelipe-alcantara

hi everyone my name is vic i just need people to talk to improve my english. anyway this is my skype: victorino.tubo

Hi, I’m argentinian and I live in Spain, I’m looking for people to do a language exchange: spanish-english <-> english-spanish.

we can talk about everything you want: lessons, presentations, trips, sports, films, etc.

My skype is: emmanuelibi

see you soon!

Feel free to add me: luizpassari

I’m studying english and japanese.

i am Omarty, me too, i am looking for someone to talk in skype to improve my English ,
this is my skype : timy.9

        I am Agisson ,  I am looking forward to speak English with someone in skype.
       My skypename is : claude.agisson.


My level in English reading, listening and grammar using is approximately intermediate but I can’t fluently speak in English and I am looking for somebody who want to talk with me and that person could be not just only native speaker everybody who want to talk in English and spend a great time. :slight_smile:

                                                                                                                        My skype : darioncikas

       I would be glad if someone want to join ! 

                                                                                                           Thank you for yours attention ! :)
                                               Hi Darion,

I am not a native speaker . My level is about intermediate 2 . But I would like to discuss with you with pleasure .
Bests regards.

Hello!I’d like to improve my English too.Add me at Skype:finely53.

            Hello, I would like to speak you . You're welcome !

Hi Guys ,

Im from India , I have learnt a bit of german and french , so I want to improve it by conversing with native speakers . I am really good at english , can speak and write without any problem . If anybody is interested can add me . My skypeid is gowtham1321 .

I’m interested to improve my English too …
Add as friend here on LingQ or Skype silva.guilherme09

Anyone is free to add me: johann.martin.lawliet

Hi, everyone

I’d like to speak english and discuss with you.

Feel free to add me as friend here on LingQ or Skype: ajfresco

See you.

Hi people, I’m Jhonatan i try to lear english language and this way i be able to talk a fluent english :slight_smile:
add me: jd-aries91

I’d like to make friends all over the wold !!!
add my skype friends: m_galymzhan