Earthquake in Japan

Would be nice to her from Mark (Bortrun)!

My sympathies to all those affected. I’m glad to hear you guys are safe though.

Hi. Yes, I’m fine. Thanks for the concern. I was at home at the time, and my building is really solid, so even the shaking wasn’t too bad. No damage in my neighbourhood in Tokyo. I didn’t even realize the seriousness of the quake until I turned on the news. Worried about a few friends, but hopefully everyone will be ok.

Good to hear you’re ok my friend.

It’s really horrible. I fell sad for all the people in Japan.

I heard from Kathryn, our tutor Jezsh, that she’s ok.

Glad to hear from people that are fine and I hope the death count will be as low as possible. It was really a monster of a natural disaster :(.

I and my family are just fine, but I cannot get a hold of a friend of mine…

Thank you, Sannet-T, for your concern to all of us.

I am ok, but I still haven’t heard anything from Emma. I emailed her this morning but no response. Of course the phones have been crazy lately. It took hours for my message to get to my friend down in Osaka via the phone. I will let you know if I hear anything.

I’m very close to every Japanese who are suffering for the terrible heartquake! I hope that it will enough and don’t give up!!!
Mario Goffredo, Italy

I wish all of you the best and I pray for you .

Also, we should not forget the suffering and turmoil in Libya- I hope people there are ok also.

Hey everybody. I just got a message from our tutor Emma. She and her family are ok.
They live in Ibaraki, near the coast. Apparently the Tsunami stopped right in front of her house. But her house was damaged during the quake. But most importantly her family (including the dogs and chickens) are ok.

Glad to hear it. It will be a while before we know the full extent of the damage and loss of life. A real tragedy. The orderly way that the Japanese, officials and society at large, are dealing with this disaster is a model for other countries.

I and my family is fine! I live in Ibaraki, north of Tokyo. Small earthquakes come again and again even now.

After Valinas first message I was very worried about Emma. She is such an active member here. I’m not a Japanese learner, but I know that she is very helpful for Japanese learners. Thank you for letting us know that she is ok.

@hiromit: I’m relieved to hear from everyone who is ok.

I cannot believe what happened to Japan - and probably is still happening. Yesterday in the news they explained that more earthquakes can happen in the next months. I’m so sorry for your country. Experts from all over the world are flying to Japan to help searching people in damaged houses. From the German THW they send a team with 3 special trained dogs for this purpose. This sounds not much for me, but if each country is doing that it will certainly help.

Dear all,

My family and I are OK. Actually we live quite far away from the epicenter, and our life is almost normal.

I would like to express my deepest condolences to those who have been affected by this tremendous natural disaster.

Now I am worried about my brother in law, who has been dispatched as a member of the Self Defense Forces to the place the earthquake hit severely.

I came back home from Australia several hours ago. I was surprised at the tremendous size of the casualties caused by the earthquake and tsunami. I am OK.

Anyone heard from Hitomi or Kazutaka or Yuko?

My deepest sympathy to everyone affected by the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear plant explosion. It all looks horrendous.

All power to the rescue teams. I hope they get to as many trapped survivors as humanly possible.

I’ve just been to the supermarket and the shelves are empty. There’s a bit of a panic, even here in Tokyo. The electricity goes off at 16:00 for three hours in my area.

I feel like crying every time I turn on the television. To start with it didn’t seem as though there were that many dead (1,000 is not many for an earthquake of this magnitude). But now they are saying more than ten times that. Entire cities have been wiped off the map. Some of the stories coming out even now are horrifying. The head of the met office looked as though he was going to cry, and he was only announcing that there was no risk of tsunami from the last earthquake.

But all credit to the rescue teams and the authorities. You have to remember that there is no country as prepared for an event such as this as much as Japan is. That really strikes it home:what we are seeing is pretty much a best case scenario.