Earthquake in Japan

I have just woken up to the news of the earthquake and tremors which have shaken Japan. I don’t know where any of our Japanese members live, but I just want to say that I hope you and your families are all safe and well.

Yeah that’s one large earthquake, Hope everybody is safe.

Yes, it was quite scary. It makes you realise how well prepared Japan is for this type of event. We were even told to stay inside because it’s safer than outside due to the earthquake-proofing.

It’s terrible. Tsunami have 10M. I hope everybody is safe.

I heared that the morning, hope everybody are fine.

Let us know Japanese Buddies!

It would be great to hear from our Japanese members about how they are doing.

I hope you are all well. I just came back from school and was wondering how everyone is. Again, to everyone who was there at the time, I hope you are well.

I live far from the epicenter of this earthquake, so I’m OK. I’ve been following the TV and net news since the earthquake happened.

Northeast of Japan, especially the pacific area was heavily damaged by tsunami. TV news report that hundreds of dead people are found. And many fires are spreading in large area of Kesennuma city in Miyagi prefecture.

I believe that the people in Tokyo area are safe and OK, even though they suffered the all train stop.

I’m very worried about my friend in Miyagi prefecture. I can not reach her with a cell phone and an e-mail.

Now it’s mid night in Japan and still the situation of the damage is unclear. According to the news, the tsunami risk and the after earthquake risk still remain.

I do pray for my friend safe and other Japanese member’s safe.
Thank you for your concern.

Thank you for the report Nobuo and glad to hear that you, as well as probably people in Tokyo and areas to the south and west are not affected. We all, I am sure, sympathize with those who have been affected and hope that damage and loss of life will be minimized.

It makes me realize just how vulnerable we human beings are, and how insignificant some of the problems are that affect our daily lives.

I saw some footage of this on Youtube. Something like this is indescribable.

I can’t imagine how you feel trying to contact your friend, Nobuo. Hopefully she is able to reach you in the coming minutes or hours.

Thank you very much for leaving many comments. There still are afterquakes here in Tokyo, but it is OK except for traffic problem and so on.

Kyodo News


So happy to know that you are safe and alive, Shigeharu! My prayers go out to all of Japan!

loads of user-recorded earquake vids- there are only a few vids on the news and those keep repeating.

I am thinking about and praying for all our friends from Japan. Please let us know how you are doing.

I hope Hiroko-san and Yutaka-san won’t mind my saying that they are both well. I heard from Cherry6120 (Hiroko-san) and I know that Tora3 (Yutaka-san) is in Australia at the moment.

I am very sad about what happened in Japan. I hope the loss of life will be minimum.

I join everyone here with my sympathy to Japan and the people.

Me too.

Nobuo, thank you for the extensive information regarding the current situation in Japan. I hope and pray all of you in Japan are safe and secure.