E-ink devices for reading LingQ

I just ordered a Boox Palma. It’s a phone sized e-ink device running some version of Android. It’s black and white. I know they have color tablets now but they’re more expensive and I really like the smaller phone size for most things including reading (I know most people seem to prefer large pages for reading text but I like narrow newspaper sized columns the best).

It won’t arrive for a couple weeks but I’m curious if other people with black and white screens use LingQ and how well it works?

I’ve been using iOS exclusively for over 10 years now so I’m curious what the Play Store has to offer these days for Korean learners.


I have a Boox Tab Ulta C, but I actually think I prefer the phone form factor with LingQ. I do like my tablet with LingQ, but it’s not perfect. The main issue is that it is just a little slow to respond when I am reading and listening at the same time. I also don’t think I could use it without the pen, and that wouldn’t work for me at least in a phone size.

That said it works very well with apps like Storytel & Nextory, or just reading in the standard epub reader.

I have heard different LingQ statuses are difficult to see on the B+W e-ink devices, but that isn’t an issue with my color tablet.


I should also add, it takes a bit to figure out how to configure my tablet best for each app. Once things are set for a specific app, I don’t need to change anything, but it can be fiddly at first.