Do you use the Transliteration style?

I’ve been trying to read Korean beginner 1 content and i wonder if it’s a good idea to read hangul with the latin transliteration style on. Thinking whether this would be better in the long term or in the short term.

I have read without the latin and do feel like it’s not working out for me, as i feel like i don’t remember any of the words which i have read.

So would it be better to read with the transliteration on or off?

I would suggest that you learn the alphabet first, so you can read it. The transliteration is, depending on your native language, of course, misleading at best. There are tons of youtube videos where people teach the alphabet, which is what I used after first wasting a lot of time trying it via the transliteration.

There is no necessity to link a korean letter to a specific latin one. What you need is a link to the sound associated with it. Using the detour via the latin alphabet will make thinks more difficult.

Another thing is that you have to take into consideration that even though the alphabet is comparable simple and therefore easy to learn, it will take its time until you will be able to read it in a similar and especially fast manner as you can read the latin alphabet. I mean, it took some time in the latin either, when you were a child.

Another aspect when it comes to words is that there are special rules for pronounciation. So some letters are pronounced differently under certain (well defined) circumstances. And there is the liaison. You should probably have an basic idea of those things to easen things for you.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: