Do you like a new update of

I have to admit that every new update of Lingq,com is for me a real disaster, or at least a very hard chalenge. I can’t find a lot of things what I gor accustomerd in a former version. And I don’t understand a lot of mew features - just don’t understand why are here and why to make lingq,com more and more difficult???

It seems to me that after the last big abdate eveyione agreed that the administration before the new update would give us the video or an article how to use new features and how to find former features beforer the implementation a new update… Why wasn’t it made again???

For example, I don’'t understasnd how I can offer the certain times of my conversations. Before I could choose ‘Speak’ and in every languasge I could see ther proposals of other tutors in this certain language and offer my service in the chosen time.
Now I can see only the whole list of all tutors without dividing in the certain languages and by the wat I can’t find mnyself among them.

I can’t open the whole list of my ‘friends’ - iI press the mottom ‘see all friends’ but it doesn’t work.
When someone gives me rose I could before to open this ‘rose’ and thanks people who gave the rose. Now I can’t do it; if I press ‘see the rose’, I go to the whole community, not to the certain person whom I would like to thank.
I also can’t open classic view and I not alwauys can add my comments to some threads.

So - a lot of questions and who can answer all of them?!


Personally I love it. But I don’t use the functions you talk about, I am just here purely reading and lingqing.


I see.
In fact, I am for 80% a tutor here and only for 20% a student.
That’s why I have special needs and maybe don’t need some other features.
For example, I hate statistics!
And now 75% of my profile page is this stupid statistisc!
I don’t know how to take it away!
It just irritates me because first of all I write new lessons in Russian, English and Greman - not learn them.


everything is confused

I welcome these statistics… But statistics I most used were the flag display on my profile. I would screencap that every week. So that’s still kind of there, but now I can’t see my own profile unless I am logged in as somebody else.

Also the profile reveals my real name and I am unable to save changes to it… I did not think that was public info.


evgueny40, there is a post in the “updates” forum regarding what was changed. There is someone responding to questions there. Maybe they can help.

It’s difficult to choose a timetable with his tutor. That is doesn’t work well at this moment! We do not know if our tutor is agree for one appointment!


I’ve been an English tutor here since February 2014, so I’ve done my share of clicking in all the little calendar boxes to create a schedule. I’m quite certain that I’ve hated doing it just as much as the next guy. However, this loss of control is far worse. I’d love to see the return of the old system until something more flexible can be implemented.


Our full names were being shown for at least more than 8 hours without any consent . I don’t think it was a minor issue.

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The Tutors list is separated by language. There were some issues there in terms of display that have been resolved. We are still working on making the list more relevant and this will improve over time. We will also add a way to block off specific dates and times. There was a bug with seeing all friends but that has now been fixed. We will bring back the list of people who liked something. Those other things should be working.

Thanks for pointing out the real name issue. Those names are no longer displayed. As for the flag display, we will see where we can put it on your own profile page. We removed it from the forum because it was significantly slowing down the page load time for the forum.

Tutors do have to confirm the appointments now. Yes, that’s true.

This is not possible but we will try to get that update done as soon as we can.

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It’s nice.

Well, my big problem is with what used to be the “friends” page, but is now the “community/exchange” page, the Writing Exchange tab under Community. Besides formerly having more features, the Writing Exchange (formerly the Language Exchange & Community) used to have a Language filter where at least you could find submissions under the same Language (kinda the point of using this web site, or so I thought), namely your own submissions with corrections that you previously paid for with points! (And no, these corrected submissions do not appear under the My Activities tab under Tutors.)

Now there are zero filters, all languages are in a mish-mash together and the page only loads 20 submissions/entries at a time, so you have to page down 20 and then you have to wait at least 5 minutes for the page to load the next 20 entries in chronological order according to whatever random language happens to have been submitted most recently. Eventually the page stops loading altogether, so after spending an inordinate amount of time paging down, I was never able to reach the submission I was actually looking for. How hard is it to preserve the programming for the Language filter that had previously worked perfectly fine?

This page has now been redesigned for ‘free’ writing corrections only (no point system), with a ‘200 word’ limit on submissions. The previous submissions with corrections that were paid for through the point system are now largely unreachable. It’s not just about the money; it’s about all the wasted time and effort that went into the earlier submissions and corrections that are now essentially lost. The Writing Exchange is now a huge failure.

The ability to submit new writing corrections using the point system, which allows for longer submissions, has been moved to the Tutors page. But of course the Help page on Exchange still explains how the Exchange used to work, including the point system.

I’m also not sure whether comments that I previously posted as private on my wall and other people’s walls are private any longer. And the ability to post a private message appears to be gone. I really can’t think of a bigger breach of trust for any web site to carry out than to suddenly make private messages no longer private.


I agree. I wonder how the previous submissions with corrections can be reached.

I wonder how this sort of change can happen. Have past private messages also became open?

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Also, I cannot seem to be able to view my own profile.

Login - LingQ.

It appears that clicking the same username on the page leads to two different profile pages. Only other members can see your profile directly. What you can see is the page with graphs and statistics and without your introduction.