Discuss:why do you learn a second language?

I’m studying Spanish because I live in an area with a large Latino population. It was also a good language for me to build confidence in.I study Chinese because I love the nuianced complexity and it’s a great challenge. I’m thinking of studying Portuguese because my area has more Brazilians living in it now.

Overall though, I love the process of getting to know people from other cultures and sharing my cultural experiences with them.

I am learning English, because I want to study abroad, my dream is to study in Endinburgh university and I try to do everything about it!

Well i have english lessons in my school, but it’s not enough for me at all, cuz lesson here is only 45minutes 3 times a week, it 's too short time. We can’t practise all of that things: writing, speaking, listening, grammar… I am very upset about mine english :frowning:

Don’t be upset, just keep reading, keep listening. Just do it.

I like learning a second language (and a third… and a fourth… and I hope some more in the future) just because I have so much fun doing it. It’s not easy, but it is so much rewarding. I can understand movies so much better since I’ m able to get some slangs/idioms unbeknownst to me before. To me, learning languages just expads my mind. Although… as you probably already figured it out, I’m much more better understanding than writing. But the reason of that is obvious: practise; I read and listen far and away more than I write or speak.

I learn for the women…

Because I want to know what everyone is saying.

“Because I want to know what everyone is saying.”

Best answer so far;)

cause I have free time on the bus

Maybe the question should be: “Why don’t you learn a second language?”

Well then who on this website would answer it?

I think I was just born to talk. I loooooove talking to people, always have, and then I found I loved learning languages once I started taking them in school. Different languages are just another way of talking to people, if you think about it ;D

well, in my opinion knowing only one language is rather uncomfortable in today’s global world, I would feel too restricted by travelling, job, communication in web (Skype, forums, e-mail an so on)

Before I start to learn English my first purpose was to wtite articles for american newspapers such as New York Times, but that was an llusion. My second purpose was to be able to talk with everyone around the world. I thought that English was the best language but now I think there’s no better than another. Language is a mean of communication that’s why I believe that all the language have the same value. I want to intensify my English because I believe that whithin three years I’be studying in the US.

All languages have the same value? I can hardly accept this statement when It’s a matter of weight and influence of a language.

The value of a language is in the mind of the learner, in that sense they are all equal in value, potentially.

Well, those are diferent things: value and usefulness.

Agreed, Oscar, although the usefulness can depend on one’s situation. Finnish may be more useful than Chinese in Finland, but Chinese may be more useful in the world. Catalan may be more useful than French or Russian or Chinese in Catalonia,…maybe…I do not want to go out on a limb here.

Yes, I agree with you Steve. When I said “usefulness” I meant depending on one’s situation.
Anyway, it’s true that on one’s situation, the same language can have different “usefulness” and “value”.
For example, maybe for me Catalan is very valuable, but it’s not useful if I go overseas

i study english because language study is so much fun and can kill a lot of time.