Dictionary requests

I will use “WORD” to mention the variable to be inserted into the URL.


Here is a URL to be used for this Swedish-English dictionary. The dictionary is already on LingQ, but this little change is waiting to be applied.

I would also like to ask to add the ABBY Lingvo dictionary for Latin-Russian.

The URL is http://lingvopro.abbyyonline.com/ru/Search/la-ru/WORD

Thank you in advance!

OK, I’ve now added Latin-Russian along with a few others for ABBYY. I’ve also fixed the URL for Folklets Lexicon.

I’ve just found a great collection of Swedish dictionaries here: Lexin
There is a plenty of target languages available (including my -)))!
Could it be also integrated, please?

I’ve added this one too!


i will like participation

i from peru and want learning english

Hi, Alex,

can you add Larousse ? Online dictionary French-English - Larousse

Yvette, we have a bug that prevents the list of dictionaries from scrolling. Larousse is actually already there, so I’ll give you a temporary workaround as we work on this issue:
Click on “Translate to…” next to PONS, then press the Tab key. You will then see Larousse and will be able to select the dictionary and a language to translate to.

We hope to have this fixed soon!

It worked! Thank you!

Thank you for fixing the scrolling problem!

All dictionaries I tried seem to be added fine by now, except one: I am getting an Internal error when trying to add “German Conjugations”.

Sorry about that - the German Conjugations resource should now be working correctly.

Could you please add these two English dictionaries:

I’ve now added these two dictionaries :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Would you please add this one for German?

@eugrus - It’s unclear where this resource should be added. Can you explain what it’s for so I can figure out how to best add it?

@alex It’s a dictionary containing German-German term explanations (sometimes illustrated) and form tables.
Here is an article for a verb: Duden | surfen | Rechtschreibung, Bedeutung, Definition, Herkunft
here is an article for a noun: Duden | Nudel | Rechtschreibung, Bedeutung, Definition, Herkunft

Thanks for the additional info. I’ve now added this resource.

Alex, it would be more obvious and easy to find in the list if you would call Duden just “Duden” instead of German-German Word Lookup. It is probably the most recognizable German dictionary in the world.

And here is another thing that I would ask: it is probably more reasonable to have just Wiktionary in the list instead of a special link to Wiktionary’s conjugation page - you could always make one more click to get on the conjugation page if you would like to and there are also great articles on further vocabulary on Wiktionary, not just verbs.