Dictionaries for beta languages

Hi everyone,

We hope you’re enjoying the new addition of beta languages. With these new languages, however, we also require dictionaries. We are setting up all of the standard dictionaries for these languages, but it would be great if some of you could request dictionaries that we should be adding for Polish, Dutch, Czech and Arabic.

If you know of a good dictionary, please post below!

Hi, there are more dictionaries on the internet, I can write some:

English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, etc. etc. - dictionaries including showing synonyms, antonyms.

English-Czech, Czech-English, German-Czech, Czech-German, French-Czech, Czech-French, Italian-Czech, Czech-Italian, Spanish-Czech, Czech-Spanish, Russian-Czech, Czech-Russian - dictionaries including phrases with the searching word.


www.slovnik.cz which offers English, German, Russian, Spanish etc. and even Esperanto to Czech.

google dictionary :slight_smile:

If I really have to translate something from or to Polish, I use PONS dictionary.

In my opinion it’s quite reliable.

I always use www.mijnwoordenboek.nl to translate from Dutch and into Dutch. You can translate Dutch → English, Spanish, German and French. And back.

My favourite pl-en,en-pl one is " angool.com " ,I reckon it’s really worth adding :slight_smile:

http://www.dict.cc/ offers translations from about 25 different languages (including Polish, Czech an Dutch) into English or German an vice versa.

http://www.quickdict.de/ for Polish and Dutch (into English and German and back)

http://www.interglot.com/ (for Dutch, translates into English, German, Spain, French or Swedish and the other way)

For all languages we have on this site and many, many more: http://www.websters-online-dictionary.org/

Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. There were some dictionaries that I was unable to add, but I have now added all of the relevant combinations for the following:
seznam, centrum, PONS, mijnwoordenboek, angool, dict.cc and interglot.

Lingea http://slovniky.lingea.cz is in my opinion the best dictionary for Czech. Is it not possible to add it?

@jpljpl - This dictionary is not compatible with LingQ, unfortunately.

That was me, sorry!

Hi Alex,

could you add this Polish dictionary, please?

I have just found it out and I would find it useful.


i have downloaded dictionary for Mac operating system from apple official site which is ‎Dictionary.com: English Words on the App Store. This dictionary is really amazing!! apart from this if any body looking for dictionary software then you can visit http://www.dictionaryformac.com . here you will lots of dictionaries…

did you have a chance to look at that Polish dictionary? :slight_smile:

@Michele - Is this dictionary only English-Polish, or am I doing something wrong?

It is a monolingual Polish dictionary.

Ah, I see. I’ve added this dictionary now, however I don’t anticipate it to get much use…

Well, I would use it. Too many words are missing in the bilingual dictionaries available.

Hi Alex, could you please add the following dictionaries for Dutch-German translations.
In all of my examples I’ve used the Dutch word “maken”.

Wörterbuch :: Niederländische Philologie FU Berlin (The “&ganzwort=ja” is important that this dictionary is looking for complete words only and not for parts of a word)


In Portuguese?

@Davidjunio1: You can search on the Internet for dictionaries in your language combinations and suggest these here. If they compatible with LingQ they’ll be added by the support.