Dictionaries bad and good

One of the known issues at LingQ is the fact that the dictionaries provided through Babylon are not always ideal. Swedish, for example, is one language where the dictionary offered by Babylon for Swedish - English is especially bad.

I find the Russian - English dictionary OK but not great.

Are people using other dictionaries and cutting and pasting? Can you recommend good dictionaries for different languages?

In the future, when we have the time, we will make it easier to link to the best dictionaries. Please let us know if this is a problem and what you are doing about it right now. This will help us for the future.

I primarily use LingQ dictionary, simply because it is easier. When the translation seems odd to me, I try one of these:

For nouns, a great tool is google images. Sometimes only this makes me understand exactly the meaning of a specific word.

For Swedish-German I use Schwedisch Deutsch sa and Lexin (which was offline for some days).
For Russian, apart from the LingQ dictionary, I have used my Oxford Russian dictionary. When I’m not sure about the meaning of the English translation, I use an English-German dictionary.
Should somebody need good online dictionaries for German-English, German-French and German-Spanish, there is http://dict.leo.org/ of the Munich University of Technology for all three combinations.

I use http://dict.leo.org for English-German when I’m not satisfied with the translation provided through Babylon.

I sometimes use Lingvo dictionary to translate to Russian and conversely :

It has Russian <> English, Spanish, German, French, Italian dictionaries.

I forgot to mention Google translation tool:

Even though it can translate not only words but sentences I would not recommend to use it that way: try to translate some English phrase to your native language and you will see why.

This is a great 和英・英和 dictionary


There’s always babelfish…


Not sure how good it is.


English <–> German

Easy, but powerful translator. Definitely my favourite.

Yes Earnie, I agree.
On another thread I recommended dict.cc too because not only the translation is good - you find often different uses AND you can listen to the sound and a correct pronunciation.
Often when I cannot find anough in babylon on lingQ I look in dict too.

I just want to make sure that all of you know that you can access dict and lingvo from the Additional Dictionaries area on the LingQ Widget. Under the Babylon dictionaries you can find links to other dictionaries. Different dictionaries are available in different languages. I find these very useful when Babylon doesn’t have the definition.

I would like to understand how LingQ defines the dictionaries to be used. I’ve always studied English with reasonable results in most cases, but when I go to French, the results are terrible, I almost always end up using wordreference or michaelis (Portuguese-French)…

The main dictionaries are provided by Babylon. The quality of their dictionaries varies from language to language. We provide other options below the dictionary definitions provided by Babylon.

In French I never get links for other dictionaries, only a link to babylon. What could be wrong?

We don’t know of a French-Portuguese dictionary that we can link to. If you can suggest some options, we can try to add them.

I use this, but it is not very good…

Most times I use the French-English version of wordreference. It is the best one I could find until now.

We should probably add the French-English dictionary for all language combinations where we don’t have a better option. We will look into this.

I often prefer to use multiple languages on-line dictionaries, so it’s easier to pass from a translation into one language to different ones:



for French I also suggest:

a very reach site with a series of interesting links.

Great list, Navigante!