Hi, I would like to let you know that I have been working on Czech podcasts lately.
I have already made:

The contents which is in each language:

  1. EATING OUT - 10 parts, 10 podcasts
  2. Greetings and Goodbyes - 8 parts, 16 podcasts, because I made them for formal czech and for informal czech in order to see the differences
  3. WHO IS SHE - I am working on it now…I created 3 podcasts, but I will finish doing them up to 2 days…there will be 26 podcasts

Then I recorded some texts from WIKIPEDIA:

  • text about: the Czech Republic, The USA, England, Japan, China - 5 podcasts

Then I recorded next podcasts, such Numbers and my podcasts which I am sharing even in English. I have approximately 10 podcasts about these other things.

As for Czech contents, when I finish WHO IS SHE, I would be able to share approximately 60 - 70 podcasts.

I also can be able for correcting of each text and also tutoring.

If you have ever thought about Czech into Lingq, think about it now, please…when you can have quite a lot of contents for beginning.


And I also have some idea for pronunciation some letters - such as: ž, č, ř, ď, ť…I will also make contents for it.

Jarda, that sounds very promising indeed for Czech and knowing that we will have content immediately available definitely influences our decision on which language to add next. No promises but thanks for the hard work and for letting us know. We will be discussing how to proceed with other languages once we see how Korean implementation has gone.

Mark, sure, I am not naive …I did not think that you would add the Czech after I write the comment :)) I just wanted to let you know about it. I know that there are a lot other things that you want to discuss and Czech dont have to be a language that you prefer to add into LingQ. It is up to you, guys :slight_smile: I only remembered that you mentioned that you must always think about adding a new language because of contents…because people can complain that there is no content…Czech content is available…so you would be available if you decide to put in LingQ. If not, I can share my podcasts only with people who are interested in Czech :slight_smile:

Jarda, I’ll apply for Czech as soon as it appears @LingQ. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Well… There is a paradox :)) At LingQ we have a language (Korean) without content, and have content (Czech) without language :wink:

Niksa: Great :slight_smile: I can record whatever text you would like to listen to :slight_smile: If you send me a message what you are interested in, I can find a text about it and put it among my podcasts.

We have some content in Korean now. We want to see how Korean develops before we commit to another language or languages.

Sure, it makes sense to me :slight_smile:

Thank you Jarda, I hope Czech will be added soon. I have tried out importing, LingQing, online dictionaries, everything seems to work quite well for Czech. As for me, I am at the ready.

alleray: that’s great…you can describe here your experience with learning a language which is not on LingQ…I mean the way you use Lingq System for learning Czech even without Czech on Lingq…maybe some people have no idea or imagination how to do it…but you can see that it works quite well…and I can even have conversations or correct texts at this time :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see if Czech appears, will be amazing if it does…Hmmmm I wonder if I can invent a time machine and go forward in time :stuck_out_tongue: All that content sounds great, and thank you so much for thinking about all the other people you can help with the content :slight_smile:

Also please don’t forget that gregloby is creating Polish content and post it here –

More Slavic languages on LingQ!

martialartsdude: :slight_smile: you can study it on LingQ even now :slight_smile: If you want, we can arrange even for some conversations and I can correct your texts too. If you want me to send you some podcasts, I can do it. Let me know on my email ( or on my wall.

Cakypa: yeah…more Slavic Languages :slight_smile: We will see…everything is a matter of time…one day they both might be added :slight_smile:

I actually use the Portuguese section for importing Czech content - there are very few words that have the same spelling; I hope Czech will be up soon though. Looking up words is not too difficult. Occasionally Babylon finds something (or offers Croatian or Serbian…), more often I click on Google translate and change the language to Czech - the results are quite good. Otherwise I use which offers English, German, Russian, Spanish etc. and even Esperanto to Czech. Jarda also referred to, which finds the words or phrases in context like Google. I can use the flashcards (LingQs of the Day) and if I want to try speaking I can sign up with Jarda in the English section for the time being. Thank you Jarda for your effort!

As for online dictionaries, there are some websites for good dictionaries:

English-Czech, Czech-English, German-Czech, Czech-German, French-Czech, Czech-French, Italian-Czech, Czech-Italian, Spanish-Czech, Czech-Spanish, Russian-Czech, Czech-Russian - dictionaries including phrases with the searching word.

Esperanto-Czech, Czech-Esperanto, Latin-Czech, Czech-Latin, Polish-Czech, Czech-Polish + all the previous (English-Czech, etc.):

English, German, French, Spanish, Russian - dictionaries including showing synonyms, antonyms.

Sure, GOOGLE dictionary and google translator is good too, I use them often.

I have already tried the Babylon dictionary which I downloaded in my computer. It is not too bad, but it is offline dictionary.

Sure, I have not come across all online dictionaries.

Dobrý den, Jarda! I am looking forward to have Czech on LingQ and I will start using that material as soon as it is available. I studied Czech in 2002 with the course by Assimil but learnt quite little, so I would like to brush it up.

mikebond: great, you have already some experience with Czech…so it will not be so difficult just like start from scratch. Let me know if you want to ask for something or if you have some special wish about Czech - podcasts, writting, conversation, etc. :slight_smile:

Today I went through my hard drive and I found my poems that I wrote several years ago…There might be about 10 czech poems. So I decided to record them too. Because I have hard that listening to poems is good for learning languages too since there are usually: short, nice - so you are not bored to listen to it over and over again because it has a nice content. These poems are about love since I am very romantic :slight_smile:
If somebody has an idea what to add into my content, write me and I will make new podcasts :slight_smile:

*I have heard…

Ah, Czech! Fantastic. The Czech Republic (and Poland) are on my list of countries to live in, so it would be fantastic to see Czech and/or Polish on LingQ. Slavic languages ftw!