Galiana: nice nice…could you tell me why you picked the Czech Republic (or Poland) to live in? :slight_smile: I can help you with Czech, if you decide to learn it :slight_smile:

why don’t you put your stuff on rhinospike for now Jarda? I’ve seen you on there too…

blindside70: Yeah…I will put my stuff on my website. There are also even topics with the most common phrases and vocabulary in each topic, such as:
Travelling by bus, train, Travelling by airplan, Electronics, Shopping, Criminality, Religions, Computers, Fairy tales, sci-fi, Family, Court, law…, Fears, phobias, School, university…, At a pub, bar, Relationships, love…, Health, diseases…, Animals…


  1. Travelling by bus, train,
  2. Travelling by airplan,
  3. Electronics,
  4. Shopping,
  5. Criminality,
  6. Religions,
  7. Computers,
  8. Fairy tales, sci-fi,
  9. Family,
  10. Court, law…,
  11. Fears, phobias,
  12. School, university…,
  13. At a pub, bar,
  14. Relationships, love…,
  15. Health, diseases…,
  16. Animals…

In each topic there are phrases and vocabulary, for example, in topic 1. Travelling by bus, train:

Excuse me, can you tell me where is the nearest bus stop? - Promiňte, můžete mi říci kde je nejbližší autobusová zastávka?
Please, could you let me know when we have arrived (we arrive) AT UWE? - Mohl byste mi prosím dát vědět až dorazíme do UWE?
Please, can you let me know when we get to Bristol? - Můžete mi dát vědět až dorazíme dorazíme do Bristolu?
Get off at the next stop. - Vystupte si na další zastávce.
Where can I buy a ticket? - Kde si mohu koupit jízdenku?
Can I buy a ticket to UWE (Bristol)? - Mohu si koupit jízdenku do UWE (Bristolu)?
How much is a single (return) to UWE (Bristol)? - Kolik stojí jednosměrná (zpáteční, jednodenní) jízdenka do UWE (Bristolu)?
I would like a single (return) to Bristol? - Rád bych jednosměrnou (zpáteční, jednodenní) jízdenku do Bristolu.
A single (return) to UWE, please. - jednosměrnou (zpáteční) jízdenku do UWE, prosím
A day ticket, please. - celodenní jízdenku, prosím
Are you getting off here? - Vystupujete tady?
Where do I change to get to Bristol? - Kde přestupuju, abych se dostal do Bristolu?
Which platform do I need to get the train to Bristol? - Z kterého nástupiště jede vlak do Bristolu?
Which bus (coach) goes to UWE (Bristol)? - Jaký autobus jede do UWE (Bristolu)?
Which bus goes downtown (to the centre)? - Jaký autobus jede do centra města?
How often do the buses run to Bristol? - Jak často jezdí autobusy do Bristolu?
Is this seat free? - Je to sedadlo volné?
Is this seat taken? - Je to sedadlo obsazené?
Does this bus stop at UWE? - Zastavuje tento bus v (autobusové zastávce) UWE?
What time does the train (coach) leave? - V kolik hodin odjíždí ten vlak (autobus)?
How long does the trip take? - Jak dlouho trvá ta cesta?
Do you have (any) change? - Máte nějaké drobné?
Sorry, I don’t have any change. - Omlouvám se, nemám drobné.

Dopravní prostředky
Bus - autobus pro MHD
Coach - autobus pro větší vzdálenosti (meziměstký)
Train - vlak
Tram - tramvaj
Subway - metro
Underground - metro

Ticket - jízdenka (v autobusu bych použil spíše Single nebo Return, když řeknete jen ticket, budou předpokládat Single)
Single ticket (single) - jednosměrná jízdenka
Return ticket (return) - zpáteční jízdenka
Day ticket - jednodenní ticket
First class single - jednosměrná jízdenka první třídou
First class return - zpáteční jízdenka první třídou

Conductor - průvodčí
Bus stop - autobusová zastávka
Waiting room - čekárna
ticket machine - automat na jízdenky
ticket office - výdejna jízdenek
Bus station - autobusové nádraží

I know that somebody does not like “topics”, but somebody does :slight_smile:
I havent finished my websites yet. I want to put there my MP3 files and then I can show it to everyone.

thanks for these Jarda — I will definitely sign up once Czech becomes available. Yesterday, I found a blog about learning a new language every year. If I could be fluent in Czech by this time year, that would exceed my wildest dreams! keep the content coming.

Hi everybody,
I have really worked hard for the last week…and I would like to share some Czech podcasts with all of you.
I have put all podcasts in my websit - , so you can have a look.

There are now 90 Czech podcasts.It can be very useful for learners of Czech. I hope that the podcats help all of you who would like to learn Czech. I will add there new and new podcasts.


I’ve just come across the German-Czech and English-Czech dictionaries on the website: and

alleray: great, that’s the first dictionary including Czech pronunciation I’ve seen.

Jarda, first of all I have to say congratulations and I hope you continue making podcasts, you have done a great job and I am sure you will be rewarded for it in the future, I have a few questions:
Will you be able to offer a lot of conversation times?
Will you be able to teach czech (like lessons)?
Will you be available to correct writing?
I am going to become a paying member because of czech, its been a very long time since I wanted to learn czech, so I really can’t wait to finally get going with czech, I hope it will be added in the future and I hope you will be able to answer my questions.

@08nessh: hi, yeah, sure, I continue making podcasts. As I mentioned before, you can work with the podcasts on LingQ now as well - you can put the texts from my website in some different language (that you are not learning…alleray does it as well) and you can “lingq” words and work with words in your flashcards. There are dictionarires which you can use for translation from English-Czech, so you can use them. So thats one thing.
I have been working on translation the LingQ interface into Czech. You can set Czech interface in Menu, it would be good for you as a learner of Czech, to get used to Czech.
We can arrange on conversations or even lessons whenever you want. I love speaking English, so I dont need to earn points anyway since we can arrange “exchange” conversations…Czech-English…it would be great for you as well as for me. You can send me your writing via email, I will correct it for free with the same analyse of the words and structure like is here. I would certainly send you some English text …so it would be ok for me.

May I add something here which is not strictly about language learning, but more about how LingQ is being used?

I am in awe of the work you have done to promote your language (and I look forward to revisiting Czech), but I still have some misgivings:

When we use the LingQ set-up to learn an ‘unofficial’ language, we use the LingQ infrastructure.

As such, would it not be fair to Mark and Steve to do lessons via the official points system, that way they are at least reimbursed a little for their efforts?

[Please do not take this as personal criticism it is just something I think is important to be considered and I do know that my point of view is that of an elderly person: I pay for what I value].

SanneT: Sorry, I dont understand you :slight_smile: Now, Czech is not at LingQ, so how can I do Lessons via points system??? I answered Harry what possibilites he has NOW and what he can do now.

Yes, naturally. I was thinking you could do it via the English or another language slot, like you suggested to Harry. In any case, it is not really my business what you decide to do. Apologies!

SanneT: sure, I should…If I set in menu that I correct texts in Portuguesse or English, some students can send me their writings and I wont be able to correct it…so I would have to set it every time when my students would have to send me text and then to remove it from menu. My two students have even said that it is not very good to do it all the time…to tell me always when they want to have some texts corrected …for them it is easier and more comfortable send me their texts via email

SanneT: by the way, I wrote to Mark that if they add Czech at LingQ, so I would give them my podcasts …so LingQ would have points for lessons which I would get every month for sharing. Sure, I know that they do a lot for LingQ , so thats why I even decided to translate the interface of LingQ to Czech in order to Czech people could come in here, becase they usually have to have Czech language in systems they use. And thats why I would give them my points for sharing too…So I really want to help LingQ and do best for LingQ :wink:

Dear Jarda, Please forget what I wrote, I clearly did not think it through. I know what a great job you are doing! In fact, I often try to read your blog, so am very much aware of the time and effort put into your LingQ work.

SanneT: it is okay, I just wanted it to be clear. That I want to help LingQ too. When I started to translate LingQ and saw the structure of this website, I realised that it is not so easy as I thought before. So Mark and other guys do a lot for LingQ, a lot of thigs are clearer for me now. I understand that if they want to do some change or add a function, it takes effort and time. And they have their jobs in addition. And they are problems with this website, they have to solve everyday’s problems on Lingq, emails from users, their complains and so on.
So I will not bother them about adding Czech anymore…but at least, I can write my messages here at forums - if somebody askes about Czech…They can study Czech now and use Lingq for working on texts - “lingquing” wods…and then use flashcards. But as for wrting correction, as I wrote before, I cant set some different language (english or portuguesse) pernamently, because students of portuguesse or english will send me their texts for corrections and I will not able to corret their texts (portuguese or english).
Thank you that you understand me and thank you for following my blog :slight_smile:

  • there are problems… :slight_smile:

I would like to say that I fully support Jarda and the addition of Czech to LingQ. I would use it and I’m sure many others would, as well.