Course stats are incorrect or I don't get it

687+480+1308 != 842

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What exactly you don’t get? Each of those numbers have a specific meaning. Which one of them you don’t understand?

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If I add up white, blue and yellow words shouldn’t they add up as uniq words?

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I don’t think the unique words are all words, but rather family words. But you can have many variations in your lingqs, or known words, that wouldn’t be added to the unique words total. It’s true that 842 seems very low, compared to all other numbers, but there might be many variations inside.

I have no idea, I never paid to much attention to those numbers, I’m honest.

I believe it’s something like below

cat, cats = unique words (1) - lingq/known words (2)
woman, women = unique words (1) - lingq/known words (2)
catwoman = I have no idea! :rofl:

Does it make sense? :open_mouth:

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EDIT: now I have a doubt, because I have read in another post that every variation of a word is considered a unique LingQ word. :open_mouth:
But I don’t think so because in any course numbers seem to match, but they are close, not so low.

Is it a new imported course? Maybe it needs to load all figures yet?

EDIT: it seems a recurring problem: Unique words are wrong!

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Ok so it’s a bug. Thanks for that link.