Unique words are wrong!

I always thought how it was cool how the course told you how many total words and how many unique words there are. Until I uploaded a new course and it told me something clearly wrong. Please fix it to be reliable and accurate again!

Also, the bars seem kind of wonky as well. Why is the yellow bar for Lingqs filled all the way when there are fewer Lingqs than known words or new words?

You probably have to wait a bit longer before checking this section. Long books/courses take more time. Here’s a book that I’ve been reading for a couple of days and the stats seem about right (1st screenshot)

Here’s a book that I finished, so it’s definitely properly loaded, and stats look ok

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Please give it some time to process completely and then check again.

Nothing changed since yesterday.

The “just give it more time” guidance isn’t really in line with intuitiveness of experience. I’d suggest LingQ needs to aspire a bit higher in pursuit of the success of the platform.

There seems to be so much bug-related traffic here on the forum…

thanks for letting me know, we will investigate if there’s any issue.

I seem to have the same bug. Unique words are at 1.990 and not at ~ 19.000.

Thanks, already asked our team to look into it.