Counter LingQs learned and Known words

I reviewed LingQs with the LingQ of the day email for today and for yesterday. A lot of LingQs changed the status from 3 to 4. I think it was about 50 LingQs that changed. After reviewing the email for yesterday there were 11 known words and 9 learned LingQs shown for today. I think there should be 45 or 46 learned LingQs because the status changed from 3 to 4 after reviewing the LingQs twice. After reviewing the email for today nothing changed but 10 LingQs changed from Status 3 to 4. Are there problems with the counters?
A lot of the LingQs were phrases.

I tested things out and it all seems to work fine for me. If I move x number of words from status 3 to 4 using flashcards, my Learned LingQs number moves x as well. Very often my Known words number increases less because it doesn’t count any words that have been indicated as Known before somehow. Learned phrases also increase the Learned LingQs number properly but, of course, do not increase the Known Words number.

It happened only one time to me. I don’t know if there was something special but I wanted to report this.

It’s never a problem with the changed status from 1 to 4. Therefore, I mentioned the problem of “see” differently. It’s obvious that all non-registered words (45 or 46 learned LingQs) already on the status 4. Words that are and “LingQ of the day” has 4 current status and statistics are not registered, the account number. This is also the only logical explanation. Mark would have said: :slight_smile:
The problem has already been partially addressed. Only under a different topic but related to “LingQ of the day” and “Activity Score.” Only because in fact it’s, right? So why are so brought the work of a member shall not be registered, or why such work remains unregistered member? Personally, I believe is that the position statistics “LingQ of the day” is circa 80% completely useless.
The fact is that all we have to repeat -consolidate- words that have already achieved the status 4. This consolidation requires each member of a lot of work and a lot of time. It is unfair that the work is nowhere registered. On the other hand, the work register, which lasts less than a minute!
Solving this problem -the secular and the fast- my view, to introduce the word status in 5. In “Progress Snapshot” is added by section Bracing words. Would it be feasible?

ToneN, usually I’ve no problem. It was the first time that I had an obvious problem with the “LingQs learned” counter.

You wrote “I believe is that the position statistics “LingQ of the day” is circa 80% completely useless.” What do you mean with position statistics. I have problems to understand the meaning of your post.

For me it is no problem to review with status 4 again. Personally I think it is fine because I can control if the word stays with me.

I have the same problem which I noticed after upgrade. Only single words are counted as LingQs learned but not my phrases (2 or more words).

I have the same problem which I noticed after upgrade. Only single words are counted as LingQs learned but not my phrases (2 or more words).

@bea_lk - Learned phrases are counted in your Learned LingQs statistic, they are just not added to your Known Words.

@ToneN - I’m not exactly sure what you are asking for but we are not going to add another status. Don’t forget that the main reason you are reviewing your LingQs is so that you learn them and improve your new language. :wink:

Mark, my phrases are not counted as ‘LingQs learned’. Only my single words are counted as ‘LingQs learned’. I’ve just checked that one more time. And when there is a phrase and it changes its status from 3 to 4, my statisitc ‘LingQs learned’ is unchanged.
I have no idea why only my ‘LingQs learned’ don’t work properly.

How are you changing the status of the LingQs? In the flashcards or on the Vocabulary page? What exactly are you doing?

Mark, some minutes ago I reviewed the mails for french for today and yesterday.
I learned with the mail of yesterday 1 LingQ. This was correct.
With the mail for today I learned 12 LingQ’s. 9 of them were single words, 3 of them were phrases. Only the 9 were counted as learned LingQs.

P.S. I reviewed the LingQs twice with the flashcards (opened with the Link in the email).

I have tried learning words and phrases every possible way and it works fine for me…it could be an IE problem. I assume you are both using Internet Explorer?

Yes I do. I can try to use FF next time learning LingQs and figure out if this is the reason of the phenomena.

It doesn’t seem to be browser specific. I just tried on IE and it worked fine for me there too… Very strange…

Hi Vera,
What do I think in terms of statistics? The problem that you certainly opened up a clear regarding statistics of each member. Because all the new words (LingQs Created) below statistically monitored. From the start (status 1) to the site in “Progress Snapshot” (status 4). New words are “registered” at least four sites: the “Vocabulary”, in the “Top 25”, in flashcard for each lesson and the flashcard “LingQ of the day.” Each word may then be harvested from status 1 to status 4: by any means. There is no controversy, unclear.

Normally, each word or phrase and get to learn the status of 4 through flashcard for each lesson. Words that are already in the status 4, is then no longer statistically monitored. And here arises a serious problem. Because such words then appear the next day in the flashcard “LingQ of the day”: as circa 70 to 80% of all words. Normally such a flashcard contains 100 words. If you want to try 100 words, at least two -of which 80% of the words no longer statistically monitoring- you need for this work at least 15 minutes. The same is true if to consolidate words through flashcard formed from “Vocabulary” list.

This’s work that is not register anywhere. Such work is entirely equivalent to reading or listening to a very comprehensive lesson. If you are already registered statistical work in less than a minute duration is illogical to significantly increase the statistical work of a member is recorded and not recorded in the “Progress Snapshot”.

Such work is highly statistically in a subordinate position compared with other less complex parts. Strictly speaking statistically, this means that this’s a futile job. Roughly said, speaking from the standpoint of statistics is “LingQ of the day” completely misguided concerns and therefore acts directly to stimulate not. Personally more than two months did not review “LingQ of the day.” Daily I formed my “LingQ of the day”, which also contains the words in the status of 4 and then calling in a statistical “Known words.” Such work takes me a long time, which could be usefully applied in learning a foreign language.

Individual lesson may be reading or listening as times did you wish for. Always they will work also reflected the personal statistics. You can not consolidate the words or phrases that are already in the status of 4 so that it’s also evident statistically. This’s directly contrary to what all of us famous phrase: it’s necessary to repeat many, many times.

PPS: obviously I don’t know how to write short articles. Again, I will be Steve “fighting”.

Mark, I learn LingQs from flashcards which I get in my emails. And I use FF.

ToneN: You wouldn’t run into the problem that LingQs turn to fast into status 4 if you study mainly with the email. If I review the same word with a variety of options of reviewing word I use use “forward” in the flashcards. Then the status doesn’t increase so fast. I think the algorithm behind the email is a good one because you will met the word again, but not 4 day in one row which makes no sense. Our brain needs time to learn a word. If I remember a word after 4 days it is not a big deal. If I know it after 11 or 30 days, then I know the word would probably stay with me. Maybe you should think about, how you use the system. I often have emails with 100 of words but only a minority has status 4. I think less then 25 percent up to a maximum of 30 percent.

By the way I have often problems to understand your posts. Don’t get me wrong, but may I ask you if you use a tool like Google translate to create your postings? Sometimes I can not figure out what you want us to tell.

I personally love the way the email works (beside considering the described problem).

Mark, I sent you a link to a video which demonstrates what happened. Did you received it?

Yes, Vera, I received it. I will look at it.