Conversation in english

Hello friends!! lets have an english conversation.
This is Ankur from India.I think continuous speaking or conversation can help us to improve the spoken language.we will have an audio chat on skype or yahoo will do too.let’s chat in conference,that is surley gonna improve.We will chat on different topics,about our different cultures,sports and many more…
so I request to all of the english learners to start a conversation.I guess, this is the one of the right way to get hold on please everyone join the conversation.Also the native speakers of english can join and help us to improve.we will chat after 2 or 3 hours.
please revert your responce for this thread.if conversation time is not convenient to you,then its fine but atlest leave your comment here.We’ll try to chat some other time. :slight_smile:


i am very happy to join the conversation program with you for my English fluency. so you may pls help me .

I have interest speak and learn English

warm regards

Hi Ankur,
This is really a feature will will definitely improve our spoken English. Please let me know the time. If the the time suites me, I will be a one of the participants without fail.


Hi !
I want to chat with u and add me as friend :slight_smile: But I dont speak english fluently . help me .
Maybe my english may be better than now :slight_smile:

Hi !
I want to chat with u and add me as friend :slight_smile: But I dont speak english fluently . help me .
Maybe my english may be better than now :slight_smile:

heyyy friends…this is my new skype username…please add me here… “ankursatam”

hey, add mime ,too

hello ankur how are u , i hope u are fine i want to chat withe u to improve my english if u want , my skype is MAROINKR plz add me

Hey , I wanna join too ! my skype name is tetoking2010 - Add me too

hi, i am cuong, from Vietnam. i want to join conversation to improve english skills , please add me on skype ( buicuong.kt49c) thanks a lot

help!!! I wish speak english


@ LT92307and others, you can do a lot for your wish on this web site, just keep lingQing the new words and listening to the podcasts. You can always get help here on forum.

Thank you Tutor, yes i listen, but commune aswell that will be of great use:}

Hi, Guys!

I need help, i want to be connect with someone who write, speak and read very well english.

hiii guys…add me on skype as ankursatam see ya all very soon :slight_smile:

Hi everybody! I would like to improve my english abilities.
Is there somebody who would like to speak in french and english? I’m french and i can help anyone. Add me to your friend and i’ll take pleasure to answer you.
Bye, Steven.

Hi Ankur, if it is ok for you that my english isn’t fluently I would like to take part in these discussion circle. Idea is super and I hope that it works. Kind regards to India.

If this is still going on then I’d like to take part. I’m a native speaker of English.
Skype name: afleitur

Hi everyone! I want to develop my spoken english. I think that I’ve never seen useful way like this. .