Confused about sharing and posting

Really having a bad day. Firstly, I’m trying to enquire about why when I’m trying to share a lesson I now get ‘pending’ and a note saying it may take a few days to approve. This is new.
Secondly, I am having problems posting. I occasionally get a message saying I don’t have permission to view the content (what content?) then when I posted on Open Forum my post doesn’t seem visible.

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Regarding sharing lessons - We now require approval from a staff member or Chief Librarian for first time sharers. This is because of the high volume of low-quality lessons users have been sharing. Once a lesson has been approved, you will be able to share other lessons without needing to wait.

We have just finished adding this functionality but normally we will be approving or rejecting Pending lessons at least on a weekly basis.


Thank you for the reply. I am really not a first time sharer though. I have shared a lot of material over the years in several languages especially Romanian and Slovene. As a language teacher by profession I wouldn’t share something of dubious quality. This is the first Hungarian stuff I’ve tried to share though so is it language specific?

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Good idea! Will you now also - at least gradually - remove the low-quality courses? I hope so.


That sounds excellent, I gave up using the built in content as some of it is dreadful e.g. poor sound quality, someone speaking very bad French etc.

So, I have some reservations and am now getting a bit fed up. If you felt it necessary to bring in this new measure did you firstly make sure you had enough people available to check and approve before you started so it was viable? Why is it taking so long? A weekly basis seems pretty slow when you have so many languages to cover. And do you have librarians for every language because I’ve been using Hungarian which is a beta language and when you sign up for it there is a note saying it is not monitored by staff. You also said it is for first time sharers but this is clearly not the case as I have been sharing for years but I can no longer share as I am still waiting for the illusive approval. I have always enjoyed editing learning materials I find and sharing them with others but feel now it is futile.


@blotski After some more discussion we decided to require approval for all non-Librarian users, even those users who had already shared lessons in the past. This was done because the volume of low-quality or copyrighted content was simply too great to keep ignoring.

At the moment we will be approving/rejecting Pending lessons once a week. In most cases we don’t think there is any urgency in having lessons wait a few days. When we notice users sharing good content, we will be reaching out to them to invite them to be Librarians so that they can then bypass the approval process.

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