Pending status when sharing

Since when do shared lesson have to go to a Pending Status (which I assume it is pending for some librarian validation? but I can not find any information regarding this, as is unfortunately too often the case). Do I have to apply to be a librarian to not go through this now?

Also, why did you changed splitting numeration from title (1) and title (2) to this 1. title and 2. title. It makes absolutely no sense for sorting so the only reason I can even fathom, and it’s a far fetched one, is that you save one char for the 60 chars title limitation. Please tell me that I’m wrong and that there is some sound logic behind that change.

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Shared lessons need manual approval now:


Thank you very much. I’m confused as to why that post wasn’t shown on my searches.

Could it be renamed into something like Pending for validation? There is no indication as to if it is just in the process of updating in the library (the same “pending” that you get when importing lessons that are lagging), or if it’s just, again, pending for librarian validation.

I hope I didn’t miss the post about the splitting thing too :confused: