Complete new beginner collection: Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! Auf Reisen - Traveling

I’ve imported the first five lessons of a new beginner collection " Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! Auf Reisen - Traveling". This collection is for Beginner with some knowledge. It contains conversation which could happen if you travel. Have fun with them and let me know how you like them.

The first lessons are about asking for the direction.

Ich habe die ersten fünf Lektionen einer neuen Anfänger-Sammlung “Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! Auf Reisen - Traveling” importiert. Das ist eine Sammlung für Anfänger mit wenigen Vorkenntnissen. Hier finden sich viele kleine Dialoge mit Situationen, die sich auf Reisen ergeben. Viel Spaß und ich würde mich freuen zu hören, wie sie Dir gefallen.

In den ersten Lektionen geht es darum, nach dem Weg zu fragen.

Here is the link to " Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! Auf Reisen - Traveling ":

Fünf weitere neue Lektionen! - Five more new lessons!
Nun sind folgende Lektionen verfügbar - The following lessons are available now:

50.01 Wo finde ich eine Bank?

50.02 Wie komme ich zum Bahnhof?

50.03 Wo finde ich U-Bahn und Bus?

50.04 Wie komme ich zum Schloss?

50.05 Wo sind das Rathaus und das Theater?

50.06 Wo ist die Toilette?

50.07 Wo finde ich was im Museum?

50.08 Wie komme ich zur Universität?

50.09 Wo finde ich einen Bankautomaten?

50.10 Wo ist das Kino?

Good timing, Vera. My German study has slowed drastically now that summer is over, but I’m still at it and was running out of easy material.

Good to know :slight_smile: I’ve more lessons in the back. Some of them are recorded but I need another session with my sister and other friends doing more recordings. Soon I’ll add a bunch of lesson to the “Privat” collection. I guess they are perfect for your level. Enjoy!

Zwei neue Lektionen:
50.11 Wo ist das Rathaus?

50.12 Wie komme ich zur Kirche?

Amazing collection Veral, I’ll studying hard all and back here to talk about that.

Thank you Lucas, I’m glad that you like my lessons. I’ve written about 70 or 80 dialogues for this collection. Hopefully my sister and others have soon time to help me with the recordings.

50.13 Vergeblich nach dem Weg fragen I

50.14 Vergeblich nach dem Weg fragen II

50.15 Ich suche den Zoo

The next lessons are about Tourist information / Die nächsten Lektionen drehen sich um die Touristeninformation:

51.01 Ich suche die Touristeninformation

51.02 Touristeninformation - Haben Sie einen Stadtplan?

51.03 Touristeninformation - Ich suche ein Hotel

51.04 Touristeninformation - Eine Unterkunft in der Jugendherberge

Thanks, Vera. I’ve been missing your new lessons.

Thanks for the feedback. I’am quite busy at work, do not feel well for months now, had a holiday and I’am focusing on the English and French studies of my daughter :slight_smile:

I try to upload more lessons before my health cure in the summer holidays.

Take care of yourself; don’t overdo things because of your insatiable students!

I thought the last lesson was especially well-done: good expression, some new ways of saying things, and a bit of information about hostels. NIce.

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve made some research before I wrote this lesson to make it as helpful as possible :slight_smile:

It’s a pity that only 3 learners have taken the lesson yet. I experience with a lot of the newer lessons that the interest isn’t very high. That is somewhat killing my motivation. But such comments as yours and all the nice feedback I get let me continue. As long as there are people who appreciate my lessons I’ll create more of them.

I really do enjoy your lessons. I have been making my way through them.

Thanks from me too, Vera. I continue to enjoy your lessons very much. Now that I know a lot of basic vocabulary I alternate between reading for information and reading to ‘notice’ things in the language and consolidate my familiarity with everyday words.

Firstly, I read all my news material, the bible, Wikipedia articles and all web content that is available in the language, in German. I import them into LingQ and make huge numbers of LingQs - words, short phrases and whole clauses. In German there are many composite words and these are all LingQed as words.This is how my activity score has become so high.

Secondly, I listen over and over again to lessons such as your beginner and intermediate ones, Vera. I often hear your voice when I am out and about and when I am doing jobs around the house and I really appreciate new ones.

Thirdly, I read some books in German. This has become less in the last few months as I have been exploring the resources on the web. Now I think I am ready for some more books.

Thanks again, Vera.