Catalan - Please Can We Add This Language to our Beta Collection?

I am reviving an old discussion over new languages to add to lingq. I am just confirming that the same policy is being followed as to new languages on lingq before I make steps to drum up support around Catalan, a language that I would love to see find a home at lingq. If Catalan gets 1000 votes on this facebook poll will it be added?

-Thank you in advance for the response Lingq staff, and of course all the support from the Lingq community including Mikebond who is a real inspiration in drumming up support for Romanian. Right now there are 229 votes for Catalan. I know that we could make 1000 if we would all work together. I understand many more comments may flood in right now for other languages, but I wanted to bring up a discussion in support of finding a home for Catalan at Lingq, and to give an opportunity for the 7 million or so Catalan speakers to share their wonderful and unique language.


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Hi Pablo,
I am contacting Catalan speakers as I did to have Romanian added. As far as I know, the rules haven’t been changed.
I would be happy if someone helped me bring Catalan to 1,000 votes, so that the goal could be reached faster.

Awesome! Thanks Mike, it may take some promotion, but I think it is quite doable. Just be a tad bit persistent and I think this could work.

Well I started drumming up support amongst people that I know. We will see where it goes.

We were at 227 and now we have 252. Mike let’s continue to raise awareness and support for Catalan. I know it can happen, it just may take a bit of persistence. Every little bit helps.

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That’s great! I will resume my campaign when I go back home next week. I am on holidays in the mountains now and can’t do much with my smartphone data connection.

I voted for Hungarian and Catalan and shared the link on my facebook page - but I don’t use facebook a lot and don’t have a lot of friends. And the friends I have usually aren’t language learners.

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Nuria, just ask each of them individually: “please go here and vote for …”, as a favour. If they are your friends, they will do it. :slight_smile:

We are currently at 256 votes. I am going to continue to make noise on forums in hopes of raising awareness and support. All it takes is your vote to make Catalan a new language at I made a comment on the wall of a facebook group named Som CATALANS! on in hopes of raising awareness and support for our cause. I also messaged them. There are many more groups out there like them that could be useful in getting out voters. Catalans themselves certainly would love to support the increase in resources for language learning of their native tongue.

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Moltes gràcies, Pablo!

Please do vote for Hindi too!

Yeah, Vijay… I’ve thought that Hindi could find a nice home here at too. I think I will vote for it for sure. If you have people that are as equally interested in Hindi making its way onto as yourself, then encourage them to vote and also to vote for Catalan. I informed facebook users on the voting forum that the vote is not mutually exclusively or a fargone conclusion once one language reaches 1000 votes. I mentioned this…

This is really awesome to see so much participation on Facebook, but I want to point something out. Any language that reaches 1000 votes or more will be added to Now, I’ve noticed that there are plenty of people commenting on here that have never been a member of, and probably will never join it either. I want to say that’s fine, you’re helping your friends achieve their language learning goals by providing a home for whatever language they have their hearts set on learning. However, I feel many have it in their minds that it is an either or situation. Like the first one to 1000 votes gets a prize or something. The truth is if any of these languages reaches 1000 votes, then will do everything in its power to make it a new beta language. In other words, if you vote for Danish it doesn’t mean that you can’t vote for another language. Moreover it doesn’t mean that it’s a mutually exclusive thing either, otherwise Romanian already won and what’s the point in voting. So, I’m going to vote for Thai, but only to demonstrate that if I want Catalan to be added then equally so Thai, which is not part of recieves my sympathy and like Catalan I hope it reaches 1000 votes. So, if all those people that want Thai to be added, please do the Catalan enthusiasts a favor, and vote for Catalan as well, it won’t hinder Thai. They are not mutually exclusive. I will repost this as is relevant, hoping to dispel some misconceptions about the process.

Now, I’m not really interested in Thai, but it seems that the vote could go for any number of languages. This feels an awful lot like a politics haha, and sort of ridiculous, but I know interest on that poll just spurs on more interest for sure. Even if many of them don’t actually use It can get really silly at that point but whatever. I’m wondering if Thai will encounter the same types of technical issues that Vietnamese did. I’m just not familiar with how all those technical issues of script and the lingq interface work. Oh well.

-Here is the weekly update. 265 votes for Catalan. I think a threshold count will be somewhere around 350 or so, in which momentum begins to be reached as 500+ votes gets into focus. Let’s keep it going.


Here is our weekly update. We have 279 votes for Catalan. What are some suggestions to contact those among the Catalan speaking community to vote? Any suggestions to help mobilize people would be very helpful.

291 votes now! I have resumed writing to Catalan Couchsurfers, and some of them have voted!

Steve told me that Thai was able to get hundreds of votes so fast thanks to Twitter. I have written a Twitter post about Catalan, but it hasn’t helped much so far, maybe because I don’t have enough contacts or I am not persuasive enough. Anyway Twitter is a tool you can consider, Pablo.

Let’s remain active and hopeful!

293 votes now. We should try to take Catalan to at least 300 votes within this week!

Catalan has now reached 300 votes, with “only” 700 to go! We will do it.

UPDATE (17.32 CET): 310 votes!

UPDATE (22.25 CET): 331 votes!

A new language becomes a beta language when it earns 1000 votes on Facebook.
What should happen to include a language into the main list of the languages?

It should have a lot of lessons and active learners, but we don’t know more, and this has never happened, yet.

@Ress - I believe the last time this was asked we looked at how active beta languages were compared to supported languages. At that time, none of the beta languages showed nearly as much activity as our least active supported languages. It is hard to put specific figures on it, but if one of the beta languages shows a significant amount of activity that we feel warrants adding it as a supported language then we will be sure to look into it. Hopefully this helps explain things better.

@Iri: the curent ranking is

Thai: 514 votes
Catalan: 335
Modern Greek 324

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