Is this a new feature?

I found that the horizontal strokes are supposed to “increase the difficulty of breaking the CAPTCHA with a computer program.”

You can “reply,” but you cannot “edit” the posts of the thread you sent. You can only “delete” your posts.

Some letters are very difficult to acknowledge.
Is this SUEI?

I’ve difficulties too. I’ve seen captchas that were more clear to me. I miss the button to get another captcha if I can’t decipher it.

If you do not put the right letters, the system will respond with a new four-letter word. But, If only there’d be the button that VeraI mentioned!

@Yutaka, VeraI - Captchas were implemented as a way to help prevent the recent forum spam. We’ll see if we can add a refresh button!

Yeah a refresh button would be useful.

Wau it works!
But it is really difficult so see the right Captcha!!!
I must try 3 times. so I need to stop posting.


Q or O or G?
P or R or B?
J or I or L?
F or E?

With these Captcha I cannot edit my posts! Somtimes I cannot decipher them very well either. That makes it unpleasant for me to use the LingQ - forum. :frowning:


I understand why it was implemented though it needs improvement that users can decipher it better.

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And why this line ‘Post and submit for Correction’
I don’t want to be corrected even I’ve made some mistakes!

@evgueny40 - They are two separate buttons.

Click on ‘Post’ to post,
Click on ‘Post and Submit for Correction’ to send to exchange.

Unfortunately, right now the default when hitting ‘enter’ is to post to exchange for correction.

@Alex, as Yutaka states the edit function is not working.

From today on I need for every of my posts at least 7 Captcha attemps, because I almost cannot read these Captcha letters. My friend @jbcatlover has tried these Captcha out and confirmed me that they are very vague (= not clear). As the consequence of this I will have to stay away from any active participation of the LingQ - forum. I can do other activities here on LingQ like listening to podcasts or sending in writing excercises to my tutor, but I will not continue my podcast co-production without having the possibility to introduce new podcasts in the forum.


PS: This post is written with 2 Captcha attempts!

I’m often impatient too, but in this case I understand that the LingQ staff have to set priorities. We should not overreact. Some minutes ago there was again a short downtime. I think the attacks continue, or LingQ is making improvements.

As I wrote above it is understandable why the captcha was implemented. It was needed as a response to the attacks that prevented us totally from using LingQ. I’m sure the LingQ staff is thinking about ways to improve the captcha. You should give them some time.


You are right Vera, we had to do something because this spammer is very persistent. ( I really wonder what motivates someone like that.)

I also agree that the captcha is difficult to use. I usually have to try several times before it works. I am not looking forward to the trying the captcha below.

I also don’t know what happened to the Edit feature.

Give us a little time to improve things. We also hope to remove the captcha requirement for regular members as soon as we can. The first things was to stop the spammer.

Here goes the captcha.

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An idea would be that long time members of paying members don’t have to add the captcha. Only

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Vera, that is what we hope to do. But first we just wanted to stop the spammer who is trying all kinds of things to attack us and we have to respond in a variety of ways. Please give us a little more time.