Cant import from youtube

i cant impot nothing from youtube since three weeks please help when i put import lingq says importing failed no camptions found is a video with captions i dont know what to do


Which browser are you using? Can you post a link to a video you are unable to import? Thanks.


and i have problem only with youtbe becuase hen i importing news or something to read ic an import but the problem is when i import from youtube

Strange, I was able to import that video without any problem. Also, YouTube importing seems to work fine for other users too at the moment.
You haven’t replied on my question above, which browser are you using? Can you try to re-install LingQ Importer extension and give it another try?

The same issue happened on my side as well. And I’m using Chrome extension and the error message goes like “Importing failed - No captions found”. The link of the video I’m importing is: 優れた翻訳者が持ち合わせている4つのポイント 4 common traits of good translators - YouTube

I previously tried to import content from the same channel and it worked out fine.

Any input?

Im having the same problem today with the chrome extension

Sorry, but it is still failing for me using the Chrome browser.

@Ted Do you get same error message as @ivan? “No captions found”?

Thanks everyone. The issue has been reported to our team and hopefully we will have it fixed soon.

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thanks for everithing the problem is fixed

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The issue seemed to be fixed last night (I successfully imported 3 vids into Lingq), but today, the issue came back again.

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exactly, same for me

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Im having the same problem with the chrome extension. the error message is “Importing failed - Subtitles can’t be used”. Video is How I Tricked My Brain To Like Doing Hard Things (dopamine detox) - YouTube. I try to enable video caption, but not work.

Just to report, I had the same issue with Firefox last night. I reinstalled the extension and then it worked.

“Importing failed - Subtitles can’t be used”

Experiencing this issue right now. Sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn’t.

Using Firefox browser.

Thank you.

Getting same error-cant import no caption, tried several browsers with no luck. Anyone else having a problem with this?

Thanks for your patient with this annoying issue everyone. Seems like right after we fixed the previous one, this new problem occurred. We are looking into it and it should hopefully be fixed tomorrow.

The issue’s been on and off. It worked fine yesterday (Chrome and Safari). And today, both of them don’t. I once tried using Chrome and it seemed to work, but I later found that the audio part was not imported along with the subtitles…

@yeah_ok67 does it work for you now? If not, please post a link to a video you are unable to import. Thanks!