Can't find anybody for skype language exchange?

It’s been a month now, and I’ve looked all over the internet to find somebody to do a language exchange, with no luck. This is depressing.

Which language?

It says on his profile. He wants to do language exchange for “1) Mandarin Chinese 2) Russian 3) German 4) Japanese 5) Arabic 6) Japanese 7) Korean 8) French 9) Hebrew 10) Italian”

As you can imagine, it is almost impossible for an English speaker to find somebody who speaks one of these languages to do a language exhange!


Why is it almost impossible? I’ve found sometimes you have to ask the person you want to speak to because he/she doesn’t have a fix slot in his/her mind. I’m taking German as an example.

I should add sign language and vietnamese to the list of languages that I want to learn that there are no people who want to skype me for.

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For Mandarin - this is not really a great way to learn the language (Benny is living proof), however, an italki account and then this link - italki: Learn a language online , will get you want you are after.

Also, maybe you should remove one of the Japaneses.

Aha, you don’t have any knowledge in these 10 languages and you want to find language partners who teach these languages to you?

I’d really like to talk (for ex. on skype) with a native english speaker, unfortunately, all I can offer is lithuanian.

I have 5 minutes to spare on Sunday. I’ll help out as much as I can.

Ok. Now I just need to figure out how to use it. Online is so confusing. I wish there was an easier way to do things.

I just need somebody who I can actually speak with after practicing, otherwise there’s no point, it doesn’t stick, and you’re stuck with the mistakes you make when you learn without any feedback or correction.


Хаха, good call. Hey! You have my top three choices under your belt. Chinese/German/Russian

I’d be really thankful.

Have you ever learned a language to a high level?

Now he removed both of them.

Which of your foreign languages have you learned to a high level?

The ones I’ve practiced over Skype.