Cancel subscription

I am having a difficult time canceling my subscription. I think I’ve looked for the option under ever single tab. I’m on an iPhone. If anyway can help I’d appreciate it.

You should have something called “your account” and you click on that, it tells you what plan you have, then you click change plan.

I don’t see anything called “my account” but I did get to a page that is titled “edit subscription”. That does not let me cancel though, only choose a different plan. I already canceled my subscription on my Apple ID but it still charged me. Any ideas? Thanks.

You don´t cancel the account but change it to a free one.

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Thanks for the quick reply, but no free plan shows for me, only paid plans.

This should help you downgrade your account to a free plan:

I don´t know how you did things, I signed up on my PC. When I click on my settings/cog, I get the first thing - “your account” and half way down the current account and a button to the right - change plan. I click on this and a list of four boxes, the first box has “downgrade account” at the bottom (yes hard to see but is there). If you signed up some other way maybe you need to change things another way.

Good luck.

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