Can no longer mouse-over yellow words for meaning

…I have to click on them, which I don’t really mind as with Japanese I create a lot of LingQs from the same bit of text and it gets very cluttered.

What is a problem is that the LingQ boxes, once they do open, are very persistent. How can you get them to close again?

I’ve found moving my mouse into the yellow box and then out of it again gets rif of them quickly. You don’t need to click in the box just rollover and away.

oops, rif → rid

Yeah I have the same problem, the site’s been acting a bit dodgy this morning.

I’m assuming this is an issue that’ll be resolved.

You can close the boxes by clicking on the background though.

I think this is a planned change. I read a while back that they were going to try out having to click on the yellow words to get the hint box up. More like the iLingQ app behaviour I believe, never used it so I don’t know.

Thanks for the tip on just clicking in the box to get rid of it.

Why would anyone want to change this on purpose?

It’s not like the yellow boxes get in the way as they only appear when you scroll over them and disappear when you scroll away from them.

Now you just end up having to click a lot more.

How does this help anyone?

Well its definitely a lot less fluid to use now. The only thing I can think is that maybe the script was causing browser incompatabilites but for me it used to work just fine.

Like you say, the change will mean an awful lot more clicks.

I’m guessing there was some dissatifaction with the old rollover speed. I know a few weeks back they tried making them faster but tuned the speed down too low and it became unusable so they turned it back. One thing I’m learning is not to get stressed about changes here as they are very responsive and if most people don’t like it then I expect it will get changed back.

Clicking is much better than hovering, thanks for this!

I have nearly all word LingQ-ed, before it was so much flickering while moving the mouse.
Clicking on a word brings back some control to the user experience. AWESOME!

How to close:
click again on the word
Move into the yellow subwindow and move out again.

I suggest we use this for a while and see how different people react. I prefer the clicking.

The reasons for the change were

  1. We do not need to see all the yellow words. If there are a lot of yellow words, they often open when we do not want to see them and this interfered with reading. We do not need to open all of them so there should not be that much clicking.

  2. We feel this was causing the problem of the sticky LingQ widget that would just whirr and hang.

Let’s wait and see.

Sorry didn’t mean to seem negative about the change earlier. It’s growing on me now as it is a lot easier to use a page with a lot of yellow words, clicking gives you much more control and it just seems a lot more stable too.

I think we need to give this time. I just went through a lesson and feel that deliberately clicking on the yellow words that we really need to check on helps us to notice or remember them, rather than having a forest of yellow words flashing at us. Let’s give it some time.

I think it will also work better on touch devices like iPad etc.

I could do with a “close all open LingQ boxes” button.

It’s actually very easy to close them if you have multiple open. Just take your cursor and move it across the open box and it will automatically close when you leave the edge of the box.

I open a whole phrase worth of lingqs at once, to try and build up the meaning of the phrase from its component parts. Doubtless it’s a phase I’ll grow out of.

I do think that the LingQ create/edit box should open on top of the little yellow boxes, not underneath them.

Actually, now with the iPad I can no longer get a pop up when clicking on a LingQ in yellow. :-(. It just selects the text to copy it.

Sorry, that’s not true. The yellow box does come up.

@skyblueteapot - Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll give it a look and see what might be best in this regard.

Oh, this is a great new feature! Thanks.