Can I change my points for money?

Could I change all the points I’ve earned in the last 3 months for money?

Sure, Diego. Send an email to support (at) with your PayPal account, username and the amount of points you would like to exchange.

Look here: Tutor Help

isn’t there a minimum points to convert to cash?

Yes, look at the link that I’ve posted. It says you need at least 10,000 points to convert them into cash.

You’re right, Oscar. Perhaps I should’ve checked his points balance first before announcing so readily :stuck_out_tongue:

Do I have to buy the points first or can I create content and then exchange them for cash?

The 10000 points limit is so well chosen ;-), because it’s so hard to reach. I just lost points due to expiration, so I will never reach 10000. And I ask myself why this month’s points (shared lessons award) is so low compared to the months before.

@James - I’m not sure what you mean by buying the points first.

@hape - As you know, all your expired points go directly to the Shared Lessons Award to provide a little compensation for our excellent content providers :slight_smile: This is the reason behind implementing an expiration system.
The amount of points given out each month is dependent upon how many points expire in that particular month. If you want to prevent your points from expiring then you are free to use them on writing or conversations during the 90 day period in which they are valid.

What I meant was that is can I make content and earn money or can I only do it if I have bought them from LingQ and no longer want them, so I can return them.

@James - The purpose behind cashing in points is not to refund unwanted points but rather to reward those who have been very active in creating content and tutoring.

Ah! Okay, thanks. I’d best start creating!

Do I need to have a Paypal account in order to have cash credited from LingQ? My Paypal account has been disabled for months (for unknown reasons) and I find it so complicated and stressful to reactivate it.

Yes, PayPal is the only way we are able to send payments at this time. It might be best to contact PayPal to find out what the problem is. Alternatively, you can probably create a new PayPal account if you like.

There is also the option of exchanging points for membership, which is an alternative option for those who find it tougher to reach the 10000 point threshold.

Please bear in mind that we have tutors who only tutor and do not study a language. They are also valuable members of our community. They regularly cash in their points. It is rarer for learners to cash in their points. Learners usually use them on the system.

Thank you all for the attention…

Actually, it wasn’t my intention to cash my points, I just asked because I saw the italian tutor talking about it in a video and I just have never heard it before…

Thanks, Alex.
I contacted Paypal many times and followed their instructions to unblock my account but I couldn’t do it.
Exchanging points for membership is also an interesting option. I’ll bear it in mind.

There is also the option of exchanging points for membership, which is an alternative option for those who find it tougher to reach the >10000 point threshold.

Alex, how do I go about doing that? Actually, I really wanted this option, but had no idea it is possible…
For example, I have 1000 points, how can I transform it into one month membership at LingQ?

@mikola - Actually, you can’t. The minimum conversion to membership is 6000 points for a 6-month membership.

Suppose, I have 6000 points. What should I do in order to convert it into a membership?