Calling all Chinese speaking members..请个位中国人朋友帮忙

For whatever reason, Chinese is the only language where we have not had the help of our members to translate the interface. I think we did have one member start but then he or she did not continue. Since there is so much to translate we have relied on members to translate the interface for all languages.

Calling on our Chinese speaking members! Can anyone help us. If we divide the work up among a few kind members, we can get it done quickly. This will help those learners who have trouble with an English only interface.




I will answer in English since my Chinese language software has stopped working here. Thank you for your kind offer. Please email me your email address and I will send you more information. steve (at)

My email address is

I’m busy with exams right now, but I do what I can.

If any help is needed, please let me know.

I would like to help you.

please let me know if you need any help. We wanna see more people to learn Chinese. Thank you.

please contact me if you still have that translateing problem.

I think I can help you email adress is please contact me if you still have that translateing problem.


I think I can help too. I like this useful website and hope to introduce more people here. thanks.

Thank you for the contributions to translating the interface. We now have some of the Traditional Chinese translations done. More remains to be done. I hope we can finish this, either with our existing volunteers or others who want to help out. If you have the time please email me at steve(@)

I found your blog first and then became a member of LingQ. Although my English is not good enough, I would like to help if LingQ needs me. I am very happy to be a member of this big family.

My name is Vivian.I am a Chinese.I live in Beijing now.My major is English.I would like to help if LingQ needs me.My email adress is:

Thank you Vivian, we will contact you separately when we need help. How are you enjoying LingQ?

我初次使用这个工具学习 我选择了自己感兴趣的文章 也知道怎么查词 可是我还是不能完全理解文章的意思 我想问问论坛的里的朋友 怎么找到lingQ 初级的文章开始学习 并且找到文章对应的译文 谢谢 也可以给我发邮件


Steve先生,这个论坛好混乱,我指的是论坛的内容布局。相比之下,A.J. Hoge先生的论坛就清晰多了,可能人家只主英文,你这儿是多种语言。还有,这个interface看着非常的难受,,最好能用一个主流一点的论坛软件,,