Buyer's remorse

Have you ever experienced buyer’s remorse recently?
What was your post-purchase rationalization?

I bought the new ‘Assassins Creed’ game about half a year ago.

After about 1 hour I realised I didn’t like the game at all, and stopped playing.

Complete waste of money.

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I recently had a double buyer’s remorse. I just bought a new black winter jacket 50 pro cent of the normal price. I was worried that it might not match well with winter shoes so I bought imminently the same jacket in a different colour (tan). My intention was that I would send back the black one and keep the tan one but when I got the black one I realized it’s perfect and ended up sending the tan coloured one back.

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Most of my buyer’s remorse comes from language learning books. I’ve bought several Assimil for languages I never planned to study.

Same with Teach Yourself, I’ve bought ones I’ve wanted, but they didn’t have audio.

The struggle of a language learner.

Wow, I was certain when I clicked on this that it would be a thread about the Republicans and Trump…


“Voter’s remorse” - like many Brexit voters experienced it. And all Trump voters will experience it too, I am sure.

Gallup Daily: Trump Job Approval

Presidential Job Approval Center

“For Trump’s supporters, any news reports that his first weeks as president have been rocky, unpresidential or worse have hardly mattered. There is virtually no regret.”
Analysis | New poll: only 3% of Trump voters regret their vote

They should learn that Donald Trump is not their savior. I suppose two members who kindly gave me roses do not belong to the repentant 3%. Sad!

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I was thinking though that if the Russians really did influence the election with their “hacking” then the effect should have been more short term. At least it seems so to me. Boy howdy those Trump supporters are stubborn!

It’s the same with Brexit. There were (maybe still are) some EU-a**-kissers who will try to tell you that everyone has changed their minds since the referendum. In actual fact there is zero evidence for this: the current goverment is massively ahead in the polls, the prime minister has very good personal approval ratings, and numerous polls have shown no significant change in public opinion on whether Brexit is a good/bad thing. There is polling evidence that a majority of those who voted remain now accept the result as a democratic outcome and want to see it implemented.

There’s just one week to go now, before article 50 gets triggered. I have a vintage bottle of whisky that has been patiently waiting for that happy day to make contact with my taste buds!


They should make a new whisky and call it Article 50.

Buuuuut, but, fascists and racialphobists and stuff…

“…Buuuuut, but, fascists and racialphobists and stuff…”

I know, they’re gradually taking over everywhere in the EU - Hungary, Finland, Austria, France, Sweden…

(Another good reason to get the hell out of there, and start going back too being an international outward looking trading nation - like in the jolly old days.)

It’s a shame Cutty Sark burned down. Any idea if the renovated version is seaworthy?

Yeah, but it had already been rebuilt so many times that nowt o’ the original was still there, really…

I say we build a brand new super-containership and call it the “Cutty Schulz” :smiley:

One wouldn’t be enough - I suggest a sistership called “Merkel McMerkyFace” :stuck_out_tongue:

I purchased an xbox one about a year ago… it’s the worst excuse for a system i’ve ever owned.

Trump supporter thought president would only deport ‘bad hombres.’ Instead, her husband is being deported.

This might be an example of “buyer’s remorse”.


He deserves to be deported. If I stay in Japan for more than 90 days they will deport me out of there.

It’s funny because people have this unrealistic idea of what a migrant is, but I spent 3 months working in a migrant camp in Mexico because I wanted to learn Spanish and I have to say that lot of them were absolute animals. Mexicans are probably my favourite people on earth, but a good part of the migrants (both Central Americans and Mexicans) were really sketchy. Like those two:

At first, when migrants were impolite with me I was insulted because I thought to myself: “Here’s this guy with destroyed shoes who’s asking me for new clothes and he’s got the nerves to whine and complain and ask for a red t-shirt instead of a black one…how strange”.

Then, I realized that normal people do not cross the entire territory of Mexico in some cargo train. On average, people stay home and hope for the best or migrate legally. A good bunch of the migrants seemed like decent folks but you’re lying to yourself if you think that they’re ALL angels. I mean the trip throughout Mexico can last from 1 month to 6 months in absolutely terrible conditions. So even if you were a decent person, you probably changed a lot after this 6 months long trip in a cargo train with no food, no water, and $20 in your pockets.

When I gave interviews (to make sure that those guys were migrants, and not homeless people), they told me that the Mexican Federal police and military beat, rob and rape you, Mexican gangs are after you and can kidnap you in order to extort your family, and if you’re a woman you’re almost 100% certain that you will get raped (by either other migrants, the Mexican police, or gang members) during this trip.

It’s the same thing with Europe. Those who reach Germany by foot are extremely tough guys, and this comes with good and bad sides. IF we truly need immigrants I think that for the sake of society, we need to choose the normal folks who go through the proper channels in order to find a better life than those who just cheat because they decided that they can’t wait. The immigration process is far from perfect but that doesn’t mean that the door’s open for every single person on earth because of that.

Sorry for my rant there but it simply is hilarious to me that a Japanese citizen is trying to virtue-signal North Americans on the topic of immigration, one Washington Post article at a time.


I should be grateful if you would tell me at least the title of the article you want us to read.

Just click on it. Or don’t. Do you seriously need trigger alerts?

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