A couple bugs I’ve noticed:

(1) Often when I have in fact created lingQ’s for all items that were in blue in a lesson, there will be a couple that the system hasn’t caught by the time I get to the end. It’s clear that the words are no longer blue, but the window on the right thinks they still are blue, and the counter of “times read” doesn’t increase even though I’ve gone through everything and converted all blue words.

(2) In the app, at least on the Iphone, if I touch a lingQ and then change the number (1-4), unfortunately lesson appears back up to the top. Very cumbersome to continue to bounce back to the top, then have to go back down and find where I left off.


I have experienced bug number 1 too in the past month. Glad to know it’s not just me.

I have experienced bug #1 since well… since I joined LingQ. I’ve brought it up and it’s been brought up by others. I’m pretty confident in saying that they either have no idea what is causing it or they aren’t too concerned with fixing it anytime soon. You may have noticed that those same LingQ’s are likely to act the same way in other lessons. I can’t say it is an incredibly important bug but it is annoying to have a small percentage of LingQ’s never display correctly.

@CTaylor, mikebond, cgreen0038 - This can happen if you link phrases containing blue words and then never in fact LingQ the blue words. Could that be what is happening to you? Otherwise, can you identify a lesson and the precise actions you take to reproduce this issue?

I don’t know whether this is any help at all: years ago I came across this in several of the older lessons. It turned out then that there was a symbol somewhere on the page that was being counted as a word.

With the help of the editor’s pencil I managed to get rid of those annoying beasties and everything turned the colour it should have been in the first place.

@mark - I think this forum thread has one of the better descriptions of the issue:

Lately I’ve noticed that when I click the ‘Move all remaining unknown words to the known word list’, it will stop those words from displaying in blue in future lessons. Instead, those words will not be highlighted at all, as if I ignored or deleted them. They still show up in my vocab list though. I’ve been doing that because I’ll end up getting pulled to that trouble blue word anytime I link a phrase and press the right arrow key to continue reading. If you still want some new reproducible examples, I can do that. You’ll have to give me some time to go through some new lessons and run across a trouble word that I haven’t used the 'Move all remaining unknown words…" button on yet.

@Mark: that is not my case. I often have one blue word marked in the dashboard but it actually corresponds to a yellow word. If I refresh the page, the blue word is gone from the dashboard too.

My experience is exactly the same as mikebond’s. This happens I would say on 7/10 lessons I do. I will get to the end, have marked everything yellow, and yet the dashboard says there are stiill blue words, and will have 1-4 words remaining as blue/unknown. I have to entirely refresh the page, but then the “read” counter is not updated automatically as it should be. In the past, I believe I have had many many lessons not marked as “read” as a result, since I assumed that it was automatically generated once I LingQ’d all the words. As to phrases, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed phrases being an issue at all. It’s always single words.

On the second Iphone issue above, this seems like a very obvious one to fix. It makes no sense to have to start at the beginning everytime I change the status of a LingQ.


@mikebond, CTaylor - I wonder… after you refresh and the word doesn’t appear in the in the dashboard list, does the word remain highlighted in yellow. Or does it lose its highlighting or revert to blue highlighting? I ask because it could be that I am mis-attributing clicking on the 'Move all remaining words…" button for what may be just reloading the lesson. It has been quite a while since I haven’t clicked on that button after linking an entire lesson.

I never use the “move all remaining words” so it’s not relevant to what happens in my lessons.

Before the refresh, all the new words are in yellow. But the dashboard/counter has missed a few and still thinks they are in blue. But they are plainly in yellow. After I refresh, then the dashboard/counter comports with what has actually been highlighted.

Like I said, I might be mis-attributing clicking the button to what happens when returning to the lesson. In reality, it might have nothing to do with the final result. Regardless, the issue starts before I click on that button anyway. So whether or not either of us click that button says little about whether or not our issues are related.

“I wonder… after you refresh and the word doesn’t appear in the in the dashboard list, does the word remain highlighted in yellow. Or does it lose its highlighting or revert to blue highlighting?”

After I refresh the page, all the words are in yellow.

I have a screen shot example that shows this: it is an article in French where everything has been LingQ’d by me, i.e. there are no blue words on the left. Yet the dashboard on the right shows 12 blue words, and “Libon” is listed as one example. You can see it on the left in red and it is yellow. I’m not sure how to attach this screenshot but let me know and I will do so.

You can use Jing to share screenshots easily Screen Capture Software | Snagit | TechSmith. Please also include the lesson url so we can go in and try it as well.


@CTAylor - When you had this issue did you try refreshing the page to see whether this would resolve the issue? Or, were you only able to get rid of the blue words when you clicked the I know all button?

I never use the “I know all” button.

Yes, refreshing the page resolves this issue. So it’s not the end of the world. However it happens seriously like 3/4 of the time, so clearly it’s not functioning exactly as you guys intended. The only real “detriment” I suppose is that there is no automatic incrementing from 0 to 1 of “Times Read”, so I have to remember to that (and I never realized it for many months, skewing my reading numbers probably meaningfully) in addition of having to take the extra step of re-downlading of course. Cosmetically, however, it feels a bit shoddy and unpolished.

@CTaylor - That is very strange. We can’t reproduce this issue here. What browser are you using?

Chrome and Firefox occasionally. Try a bit longer lesson, and maybe take 15-20 minutes to slowly go through the words (as I often have to do).

How are you creating LingQs exactly? With the mouse, keyboard, choosing hints, checking dictionary…? Any specifics on how exactly you use the page and create your LingQs may help us recreate the problem.