Bugs, bugs and more bugs

I just resubscribed to Lingq hoping that the many bugs and errors this program had would have been fixed.
Sadly I find that there is an equal amount of bugs.

When I try to learn a new word and change the little flag to my own in the word box, it almost always change the flag back to the British one.
On top of that it erases my own translating and replaces it with the English one again, and again and again which really kills the joy of learning languages.
Sometimes the site decides just to forget words that I have learned randomly and delete what I have saved and simply mark the word as “known” without any translation in it.
I found that the old and more simple version of Lingq was great for the purpose of reading and listening and adding new words to your vocabulary; it was more simple, it did not bug out every time I would save a new word and just all in all more smooth then this version.
For 13 dollars per month this issue should have been fixed a long time ago.

I can’t be the only one to experience this, and I really hope that Lingq fixes these bugs because its a real killjoy when you have to save and edit the same word 10 times before its saved just to find out that the next day your own translation has been removed and replaced with an English one again.

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I’m seeing some bugs today that weren’t there last time I logged in a few days ago, so hopefully you just picked the wrong day to jump back in and they’ll be able to fix things quickly! Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone and they might have some widespread bugs from the latest 24h that I’m sure will be a priority to fix.

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I can’t be the only one to experience this,

You are not.

Thanks for reporting issues, our team is looking into it.

Same issue also. My known words has not gone up in a while. When I mark a word as known, it just reverts back

On the flag issue, have you set your preferred dictionary language in the Reader settings? :thinking:

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