Bug when playing a text

I opened a French text I was listening to yesterday and couldn’t find my current page in the text, even though the audio started at the right place. After a couple of minutes I found it. I discovered that if I touched the page, the dotted line in the text indicating my current location appeared. When I touched the page again, it disappeared. And so on.

It really could do with a feature to sync the page to the current audio location, otherwise it’s quite hard to use.

On an iPad 12.9” with iOS 17.1.2 and the LingQ iOS App.


I try to not leave lessons unfinished for this reason anymore. Which is not the best! I use this workaround of taking screenshots that I posted time ago if I do that.

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Thank you, an excellent idea. Clearly a long standing bug then!

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Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.

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Hi @LeifGoodwin !
Do I understand correctly that you listened to the lesson audio while reading the text in the Page View mode, then finished in a certain position and after you reopened the lesson the page was not the same as it was when you left the lesson?

By the way, in iOS app you can tap&hold the currently played sentence in the Listening mode (where the text is scrolling up) and you will be redirected to that sentence in the Reader.

Yes, this is a general bug with LingQ on iOS, in my case an iPad. It does feel as if they didn’t work through typical use cases when developing the app, as I have similar issues with imported YouTube videos.

As an aside, I used to write software for Windows computers, and I’ve also written web apps and iOS apps. I know how hard it can be to write iOS apps, so what they have done is impressive, but it has rough edges which would have been spotted with some user testing.