Workaround if Your Audio on iPhone Resets or is Misplaced

Well, you go back the next day, open the previous lesson on your iPhone that you left halfway (not sure about Android) and the audio is not aligned with the text anymore. Or the audio is completely at 0 minutes and you were already waaaay passed that. What can you do?

Nothing, you will waste a lot of time (at the moment of writing this post) trying to figure out where you were. You need to search for the text in the middle of the karaoke and sometimes, if you find it, it is not even clickable.

So, the best solution I have found so far is to REMEMBER to take a screenshot before closing the lesson.

I don’t use the karaoke function when I listen to the lesson because I do it when I repeat it to focus on yellow words.

However, you need to open it and take a screenshot from there.

Before, in the normal view, you look above to see at which page you currently are.

Then, you open the karaoke view and take a screenshot, writing the number of page you were.

In this view now you have both, the number of the page and the audio reference displayed in the bar below.
Plus, in this screenshot I have added also the reference of the language “ES” for quick use.

I hope it helps.

If you have found a quicker solution, I hope you will share it.

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Hi @davideroccato !
Let me ask, how often is this happening to you?
Did you notice any relation to certain actions, or circumstances, or a certain type of lesson? I would appreciate any details which could help to reproduce this.

@Denys_B I stopped using this method because it was happening very often. As I don’t trust it anymore, I don’t have info that are updated to today. At the moment, I only use shorter lessons that I can finish quickly so to avoid this, which is a pity because I’d like to use longer podcasts.

I don’t think it involves a specific type of lesson because it was happening in every language I have. Usually all imported lessons.

I don’t really have any pattern. It is the same thing that happens with the dictionaries, that suddenly disappear or are all scrambled (which is another annoying issue).
At some point you open the last lesson and everything is reset.

I was using often lessons already done (0% blue words); lessons we repeat again and again.

It’s very difficult to find a pattern because you might open that particular lessons days after the previous time you were using it. And in the meantime you might have opened other languages, or other lessons.
If I find something else I will share it with you with pleasure.

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Thank you @davideroccato !
I will investigate this issue.

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