Bug fixes for recent update

We have uploaded some fixes today. Thank you for your patience again and for letting us know the problems.

  • Tutors are no longer able to access the public corrections list. You only be able to correct submissions for which you get an email. All your submissions do appear on your Write page.
  • Paying members are once again able to upload audio files
  • All members no longer show Tutor status in the Forum
  • The profile description field has been increased to 2000 characters
  • Tutors should now see all hosted conversations for the last 72 hours in your My Conversations list.

Thank you Mark for the bugs fixed!!!
I know you are very busy now fixing all the bugs, and I really appreciate the increased 2000 characters in the profile description. But could you consider (in the future) to also add the hyperlinks functionality in the profile description field. I think it is nicer, easier and clearer (and also less space consuming) to have and hyperlink to click on instead of having the html code written and having to copy, open new window and paste!
Just a suggestion for the future!! I really appreciate all your efforts to fix all problems!!!

Hi Albert, that is on our list as well. We would like to do this in the future.

Thanks Mark for getting on these so fast.
You said that “Tutors” can no longer access the public corrections page, and they can only correct work for which they have received a request - does this mean that the writing correction is again being limited to Tutors/if so, how does one become a Tutor?


Hi Ely, all members can correct writing. You are set up as a writing corrector. In your profile I can see that you will correct writing in English and French. The only change is that students have to choose you as their corrector. You can’t just take any writing from the list.

We just uploaded some more fixes:

  • The edit pencil is now back for imported lessons and content editors
  • All members including Free members can upload audio
  • The 5 lesson import restriction for Free members no longer includes shared lessons.

Thank your very much for saying us quickly. And I will e-mail you personally about 6 months member ship.

We have fixed the bug which prevented you from removing a writing corrector language. You can now remove writing correction languages on the Settings page

Personally I like all the bugs… made the place more homey…

“The 5 lesson import restriction for Free members no longer includes shared lessons.”
Am I right in thinking that the following things are true?

  1. If you want to share a lesson with the members, you have to upload the lesson to your space at the server. If you are a non-paying member and have more than five lessons in your space, you cannot import the lesson that you want to share.

  2. If you share a lesson, the files related to the lesson are automatically exported to the library, and even if you delete your lesson in your space, the shared lesson does not disappear in the shared space.

  1. is not true: if you are a Free member, you can import up to 5 private lessons, but you can import as many shared lessons as you want
  2. I always assumed that if you share a lesson it is possible to delete it- for example if it were found to violate copyright. Perhaps you can just make it private rather than delete it completely.

Since you do have to import a lesson first before you can share it, you will always have to keep one spot open for doing this. That means you can only really have 4 other imported private lessons at the same time. If you delete a lesson or make it private, it is removed from the Library.

I am confused.

I wonder how many lessons a non-paying member can upload and share.

“if you are a Free member… …you can import as many shared lessons as you want”

But, if you have 5 private imported lessons already and want to share a new lesson, you will have to delete one of your private lessons first to import and share a new lesson. That is because you have to import a lesson as private first, before you can share it and you must have fewer than 5 private lessons to create a new lesson.

Thank you, Dooo and Mark.
My main stumbling block to understanding the announcement was the meanings of the word “Import.” I think I mistook “lesson sharing” for “exporting” files to the shared space that is called “library.”

Importing means:

  1. to import lessons “privately,”
  2. to import private lessons in order to “share” them with the other members.
  3. to import “shared” lessons that were made or uploaded by the other members,

To import means to bring contents in from outside LingQ, in other words not from our Library. Items from the Library are not imported items. You can import for your own use or import in order to “share” or place items into the Library.