Bug fixes for recent update

I think that conversation and writing reports should not counted also… A user does not have an access to old conversation reports, unless he imported them. But a user has already paid for it (for a discussion and a report), that’s why he should able to store this report as long as he wants. even if he is not a paid member now. And all these reports should not affect the possibility to import new lessons.

The thing is that when you import a conversation or writing report, it is no different than any other piece of imported content. There is no way to differentiate these imported lessons from any other. Your old writing reports are always available on the Write page. We should perhaps find a way to make old conversation reports accessible. You can certainly keep all of your alert emails and recent reports are found in the Tutor Reports list on the Home page.

Private importing Example/Question

Michael imports a love letter from Sara in Spanish and lingQs a word he doesn’t know. Does part of Sara’s letter show up as an example sentence for everyone to read or only for Michael’s reference?

@raqui2010 - No, only you see your own phrase or fragment. Examples are pulled from a user’s own lessons and from lessons in the library. Examples from private imported lessons are not shown to anyone else.

Thank-you, Mark.