[BUG] Cannot add a second meaning

I cannot add a second meaning to a word. The first meaning is added, the second immediately vanishes. This is a critical bug that makes the app unusable. I use web browser.

Edit: I have found out I can add the second meaning in the vocabulary section but not in the reader.

Thanks, JS

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We are investigating the issue. Thanks for reporting!

I’ve encountered the same issue as well.

I have the same problem too. At the moment lingq is pretty much unusuable because I can’t edit any of the written meanings.

I also have the same problem and in addition, I can’t change the level of my lingqs so I have no way of setting words to known.

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I can confirm. The same issue here.

@jansiebert We have experienced an issue with the server that hosts our service. We apologize for any disruption this may have caused, our services are fully operational now, could you please try again. Thanks

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It is working. Thanks.