Broken Streak - Even when used every day

I have been using Lingq every day for the past week or só, but today it said that I have broken my streak :rage:. Not at all happy, this is very demotivating. Please restore this.

Probably you would like to reduce the daily target for coins to prevent such tragedies.

As far as I knew I was up with my daily targets, the only difference yesterday was that I was using my android tablet rather than either my Iphone or Web Browser for the lessons. The UI on the android seems a little quirky.

I do see what you mean about the streak target. I had no idea that it had been set at the ínsane´ level. I have reduced it as per your good advice.

Given that I have paid an annual subscription however, if Lingq think that is it good marketing to suggest that someone pays a tenner to ‘repair their streak’, I can assure them that they are mistaken. That is more reminiscent of Duolingo.

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I fixed your streak @Rickycafe

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Vielen Dank :grinning:

Greatly appreciated.

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