Brand New LingQ 4.0 for Android!

We know many of you have been waiting a long time for the launch of the new LingQ Android App. We launched it today and we’re sure the wait will have been worth it! The update makes the new app very similar to the web and iOS apps with the new look and feel, paging lessons and syncing playlist. You can also view your stats and view and review your vocabulary from the Vocabulary section.

We hope you like the update! As usual let us know if you have any feedback, thoughts or questions.


Just wanted to say, I just started using lingq again recently and my app seemed to update overnight. Absolutely great job with it - clean, fast and user friendly.


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Looking forward to testing it!

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Just updated it now will be using later today!

Because of the ridiculous cost of the new iphones, I was thinking of getting an android phone for my next upgrade, so I was concerned about the linq version, since the iOS one is so darn good.

Function wise, is the same? any big differences in controls or “user friendliness”?

The functionality is or will be essentially the same. The iOS app is still ahead of the Android in terms of functionality but the Android will keep improving. A short list of features not yet on Android:

  • integrated review
  • localization
  • import widget
  • media lesson import from feed
  • pinyin, traditional characters (Chinese), hiragana, romaji (Japanese)
  • challenges
  • tablet view

There’s things I like so far about this new version, and things I’m not crazy about. Honestly, I liked the continuous scroll feature in the old app rather than having to page through because I think it’s easier to listen to large chunks while reading if I can just keep scrolling.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and I have had the LingQ app crash on me a few times now; which is a problem I never had before. It also seems to react a little slower every time I click on a word than the old version did. I do like that the word definition now pops up on the top or the bottom depending on where you are on the page.

I’m also having trouble figuring out how I can see all the lessons in a particular section like I used to before. I liked the screen where I could see all the lessons in a section, and I could easily click to add if I’d read it again, and it showed how many times I had listened to a particular lesson. Does that screen stills exists? Because I haven’t figure out how to find it.

I love that I can see my stats and such though right on the app; it really helps me keep track of how much reading and listening I’ve done without having to pull up the website.

Thanks for the feedback. We are going to be adding the full page view as we have in the web app. This will allow you to read the whole text while listening although you will only be able to create and review LingQs in the paged view. We are receiving crash reports so should get those resolved. Even though we had the app in beta for quite a while, now that it’s out to everyone, there will be bugs especially in this first release. It should stabilize soon. The previous version was up for a long time so most bugs had been resolved.

The counters are no longer visible in the new version but if you click on the “i” button on the lesson tiles, you will be able to see additional options like increasing your counters, adding to playlist, viewing the whole course (which is what you are asking to do) and more. To list your lessons by course instead of by lesson, you should activate the My Courses tab which you can do in the app settings. Tap on the menu icon in the top left and then Settings in the menu. You can add/remove different tabs and adjust the order in which they appear.

How can I hide the bottom icons as they hide the last line of the text? Please see the image:

Thank you!

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I love that!!
I did not use old apps. Now new apps very useful for me.
Than you!!


Can you tell us your device model, and can you try to change the font type in the lesson settings and check if the same issue still occurs? Also, can you please post the lesson link so we can find the lesson? Thanks.

My device is Huawei P9 lite. This was an imported lesson. In fact this error occurs only in imported lessons and only in Czech language, at least from my languages. Changing the size or style of font didn’t help.

Ok, thanks. We’ll look into it.

So I only use this App for my learning and listening and I don’t think it is recording all my listening time, for example when I am on my last break I listening for 13 minuets when I close the open and reopen it, no minuets are recorded can someone explain to me exactly how the listening minuets are recorded?

I want my listening time to be as accurate as possible and also is there a way I can remove time listened? adding my time manually I accidentally added 30 minuets to my days lesson which is not true and I would like to remove it.

also I don’t understand how the time is recorded I understand one hour but what is for example 8.8 is this 8 hours and 80 minuets? it should be 9 hours and 20 minuets as there are only 60 minuets in an hour?

Listening time is recorded when you complete listening to an audio file. If you don’t listen until the end, no listening time is recorded. We are unable to actually track it exactly if you stop and rewind or listen part way through. All we can do is record 1 listening time every time the audio file completes. This is likely the cause of the issues you are having.

There are two ways to remove listening time, one is by reducing the number of times listened using the counters which you can find by tapping the “i” icon either in the lesson list or once you open the lesson, and the other way of removing listening time is by entering negative numbers in the web app when entering listening time manually in the Progress Snapshot.

As for the input method. 8.8 hours is 8 hours and .8 of an hour (.8*60) or 48 minutes.

Thanks for your quick reply I guess when I listen to something perhaps half way through a lesson I will have to add those minuets manually.

so I would add -30 for minus half an hour?

Sorry, it looks like you can’t input negative numbers on the Lessons page after all. But, you can still do this on the Profile page in the progress snapshot. The input fields are for hours and minutes so just enter -30 in the minutes field.