Black Friday 2023?

I just wanted to ask: Was there / will there be no Black Friday promotion this year?

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We will run a BF deal this year too. Can’t say more than that at the moment.

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Hi. Could you say at least when will it happen?

@marcioandreyoliveira On Black Friday. :slight_smile:

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Shame on me: I just realized that Black Friday is in November, not October.

Haha, no worries. We usually run a BF promo for a few days and it should start on BF and stay active until Cyber Monday.

I just got a black Friday pop up on my phone and when I clicked through the offer was more expensive than the regular one on the site.

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I currently have a year-long subscription through Apple that ends in July. I’d like to take advantage of the Black Friday deal and switch to a subscription directly through LingQ rather than through Apple. I can’t see a way to do this and can’t find the Black Friday deal description. Thanks.

I got this pop-up on my smartphone, but I closed it not on purpose and now I can’t find it anywhere. I hope I get an e-mail message soon.

I didn’t get any pop-up offering a discount. :frowning:

Is the black friday deal only through the app? I lost the popup because my subscription is throug lingq and not google play. Do i lose my lingqs and known words id i swich from lingq to google play?

@ryclassic63 I applied the BF coupon to your account manually and you will get the discounted price on your next payment date.

@marcioandreyoliveira You should have received the email with BF promo offer now.

@davidmullens No, the offer is available for web subscribers too. You should have received an email with the offer now.

Hi! I wrote the coupon code in “Settings>Account” and it told me that it was working, but it’s hard to know if it really did anything at all. Will apply automatically the next time it needs to renew? Thank you

Hey, Zoran! How can I get promo offer for black Friday. I cannot find it with me on my profile or so.

hello zoran can I also get a BF coupon? I don’t see any pop-up nor did I receive any e-mail.

Hi Zoran can I receive also the promo code please ?

How do I apply the promo if my subscription has not expired yet? This is what I am getting on the payment form:

Subscription error: already_subscribed: subscription.base You already have a subscription to this plan.


I’m on monthly and I want to use the Black Friday promo. How do I sign up? I don’t see the option anywhere.

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