Best take on the American Election

This is the most articulate, argumented and non-partisan view on the issue I’ve heard so far:

It’s by a very talented Mathematician/artist that I’ve been following for a while, this is her Youtube channel:

Non-partisan - not quite. Articulate and argumented for sure. Thanks for the link. I will have to check out my colleague there.

This channel looks pretty interesting too:

The interviews with Nick Cohen and Douglas Murray are well worth the ticket (so to speak.)

I don’t agree (by any means!) with all that Cohen says/writes - but I think he is spot on about freedom of speech, and in his critique of Chomsky and his political ilk.

Much less partisan than most. If you want a more accurate characterization
I’ve hardly seen anyone listing the reasons of the “other side” and questioning their own “bubble” as much as on this video

She has some great videos.

I find Gad Saad pretty boring to be honest. Some of his guests are really interesting. He interviewed Hamed Abdel Samad, which was great. If you don’t know Hamed Abdel Samad, I suggest you go check out some of his stuff.

One advantage of a President Trump is that there will be lots of fairly simple English content for people to use for their language learning, with lots of repetition of a limited vocabulary. His twitter account would be a great place to import content from and then there is the read out from Trump’s conversation with the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif called President-elect USA Donald Trump and felicitated him on his victory. President Trump said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif you have a very good reputation. You are a terrific guy. You are doing amazing work which is visible in every way. I am looking forward to see you soon. As I am talking to you Prime Minister, I feel I am talking to a person I have known for long. Your country is amazing with tremendous opportunities. Pakistanis are one of the most intelligent people. I am ready and willing to play any role that you want me to play to address and find solutions to the outstanding problems. It will be an honor and I will personally do it. Feel free to call me any time even before 20th January that is before I assume my office.
On being invited to visit Pakistan by the Prime Minister, Mr. Trump said that he would love to come to a fantastic country, fantastic place of fantastic people. Please convey to the Pakistani people that they are amazing and all Pakistanis I have known are exceptional people, said Mr. Donald Trump.

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Absolutely - the guests are the deal.

This is all very well for English learners, Steve. But what about learners of other languages?

I’m feeling deprived here! Can’t we have some dangerous deranged nuke hair trigger wielding extremists take over in…oh, I dunno…in France, for example?

Oh…I forgot…


I hope she’s right, but much of what she said is purely speculation. For example, she said for republicans, there’s no future with Trump, and therefore no reason to continue that ideology. We have outgrown and moved on. I’m not so sure. As others have pointed out, this sort of thing has been happening in many different countries; how can she say we’ve outgrown it?

She also said if young voters had turned out, the election would have turned out differently. In fact, the whole reason for the video seems to be to propose that the generational conflict was the most important one in this election. Again, not so sure. There are other factors at work too, and who’s to say in future elections they’ll take a second seat to age?

Read this if you can, article in Italian translated from French: La sinistra europea è la grande assente nella lotta al populismo - Pierre Haski - Internazionale

"L’elezione a sorpresa di Donald Trump negli Stati Uniti solo tre settimane fa è stata seguita sui mezzi d’informazione internazionali con analisi un po’ frettolose, secondo le quali stiamo assistendo a un’inarrestabile spinta populista, che continuerà anche in Francia nel 2017. Così i telespettatori della Bbc britannica o della rete statunitense Cnbc hanno potuto scoprire che Marine Le Pen è ormai la prossima sulla lista dopo la Brexit e Trump.

Ma la scelta, anche in questo caso inaspettata, di François Fillon come candidato dei Républicains francesi alle primarie della destra ha smentito questo scenario troppo semplicistico…"

Questo è più o meno il quello che volevo dire. La scelta per i francesi sarà probabilmente: o Marine Le Pen oppure François Fillon! Sia Le Pen che Fillon sono dei “right-wingers”, no?

(Non voglio dire che Fillon è esattamente come Le Pen, comunque sembra d’essere abbastanza “hard line”!)

Uno dei motivi è che la sinistra e il presidente sono troppo deboli.

Per me il problema delle primaries è che non voti per il candidato preferito ma per quello più probabile di battere l’altro lato. Questo può portare all’estremismo.

You can still listen to putin speeches and then get threats from Russians every time you criticize their dear leader.

I know a lot of Russians and I have never known any of them to consider Putin as some sort of ‘dear leader’ or care if you criticise him. If anything, they seem to be in general less susceptible to and more sceptical of their own propaganda.

@svenreichard: “…Uno dei motivi è che la sinistra e il presidente sono troppo deboli…”

Sì, oggigiorno in Francia la sinistra è…come possiamo dire?..diciamo che sie sind zerstört am Boden! (Non so come si dice in italiano!)

“…Per me il problema delle primaries è che non voti per il candidato preferito ma per quello più probabile di battere l’altro lato. Questo può portare all’estremismo…”

Secondo me il quello che sta portando all’estremismo è il Versagen dei Politiker del centro. E non si tratta solamente di Versagen. I Politiker professionali per la maggio parte non si ne fregano per le cose di cui si preoccupano i normali cittadini - almeno sembra spesso così.

(Mi dispiace di usar delle parole tedesche. Non scrivo molto bene in italiano - purtroppo!)

Keine Ursache. Mein Deutsch ist auch besser als mein Italienisch (hoffe ich).

But we are allmultilingual here, right? Of course the behaviour of the people in power plays a role, but their main failure in my eyes consists in their inability to communicate the processes that lead to their decisions. This helps those who offer seemingly simple solutions to complex problems. This non-communication is exacerbated by the fragmentalization of the information landscape due to social media etc., where everybody may choose to follow only those channels that reinforce their own views.

Hmm… I actually have a rule not to discuss politics or religion in internet forums… I guess it’s back to the closet for me.

@sven: “…This helps those who offer seemingly simple solutions to complex problems…”

Dies ist natürlich die offizielle Linie gegen den bösen Populisten. Was sie sagen und versprechen sei alles gelogen bzw übertrieben. Es ließe sich in Wirklichkeit nicht auf ihrer Weise machen. Wir müssten alles weiterhin tun, wie es den großen und reichen Leuten in unserer Gesellschaft gefällt, weil es anders nicht gehe. Andere Politiken seien total unrealistisch. Und so weiter und so fort.

Ja vielleicht. Vielleicht aber auch nicht…?

Was den Profi-Polikern insgeheim wirklich Angst macht (meiner Meinung nach) ist folgende Frage: was ist, wenn diese bösen Populisten an die Macht kommen - wie etwa Trump in den USA - und sich herausstellt, ihre “einfache Lösungen” können sehr wohl klappen!?

Was Trump betrifft, da werden wir nun in Laufe der Zeit sehen, ob er das tut, was er versprochen hat - und inwiefern es schief geht. (As ein politisches Experiment wird es sogar ziemlich interessant sein, finde ich.)

Fest steht aber: man kann alles von dem “political mainstream” nicht einfach und unkritisch runterschlucken. Man kann nicht mehr davon ausgehen, etwas ist richtig und entspricht die Wahrheit, weil von einem Cameron oder Obama oder Merkel kommt.

Ein Beispiel dafür ist der sogenannte “project fear” vor dem Brexit-Referendum. Man hat uns gesagt, ein Brexit-Votum wäre wie ein sofortiger Kopfschuss für die Wirtschaft Großbritanniens. Wir wissen mittlerweile, diese Warnungen waren schlicht falsch! Noch weißt man natürlich nicht, wie die “longterm” Lage aussehen wird. Aber ein sofortiger Zusammenbruch hat es ganz offensichtlich nicht gegeben.

“…Hmm… I actually have a rule not to discuss politics or religion in internet forums…”

Ich doch auch :slight_smile:

Aber auf Deutsch (oder Italienisch) ist es einfach unwiderstehlich!

I appreciate your optimism Steve. His fact free, anti constitution tweets, and toddler like impulse control are making me very, very, very nervous here in the U.S. However, please don’t encourage your members to use Trump’s speech as a model for english speakers. I cannot bear to listen to other people talk like this imbecile. I would even vote for Trudeau over Trump 1000 times over.

lol I’m half kidding. I know the message boards aren’t the entirety of Russia, but you wouldn’t know based on the responses I get from Russians on FB, twitter, and youtube. At least some people have totally bought this whole Putin awesome/ Obama Evil propaganda.