Audio problems

If I click on the speaker to listen to the lesson audio, I get nothing. However, I can click on the individual word speaker and have audio, so what is wrong?

@pschaus - Are you having problems with all lessons or just specific lessons? If it’s just a specific lesson would you be able to link us to the lesson so we can try it out?

I have audio problem (audio doesn’t start) with some lessons, e.g.:

and many others from the group (Login - LingQ).

Some of the lessons from the very same group work perfectly though, e.g., Login - LingQ

and others in this group have audio problems.

I’ve tested some lesson from the course that Rudenja mentioned: Login - LingQ
It is one of my courses.

The first ones played immediately when I tried to listen to them from the course page.

But Lesson “Welche Folgen hat es, als Kind geschlagen worden zu sein” Login - LingQ caused problem. After 2 minutes (!) the audio started to play.
Audiodatei is:
Size: 8.1 MB, Length: 11:51, Bitrate: 96000 kb/s, Abtastrate: 22050 Hz
But this is the same as in the lesson before and behind.

Problems too with these lessons. I had to wait really long before the audio starts to play:
Die Bedeutung von Zuwendung, Nähe und Berührung in der Wirtschaftskrise: Login - LingQ

Warum lehnen viele Menschen Veränderungen ab? Login - LingQ

I’ven’t checked the following ones. It is mysterious because they all have the same kind of audio.

This one also doesn’t work for me: Login - LingQ

But for example all the lessons from the BASF series by Vera (Login - LingQ) worked fine so far (haven’t tried them all yet).

Maybe you will spot some technical differences between working and not working lessons…

This lesson works perfect for me. Please can anybody else test it as well?

It works for me as well.


It would be really interesting to find out where the problem is. I don’t feel I have enough or suitable content to listen to as I spend most of the time looking for lessons that work (not so very successfully, me being picky on quality + many audios not loading). I can even see that some of the lessons I used to listen to do not start anymore (the audio part). I use the same computer.

@Rudeneja - Which browser are you using? Do you have any add-ons or extensions that could be interfering with the audio player?

I use Mozilla Firefox and I don’t think I have any special stuff on. Please note as well, that many lessons do work - I mentioned some of them, I also haven’t encountered any problems so far with any of the French lessons for example and I have been through quite a number of them. That’s why I am wondering if there is some difference between the lessons…

I am still having problems with lesson audio – however, individual word audio works fine.

@Mark: As I had a really long delay with one of the audios, can it be a temporary server problem at your side? I know a lot of lessons has links to external audio sources but these lessons have audios that I’ve uploaded to the LingQ server.

Bye the way, I use Firefox as well.

@VeraI - I’ve tried the the lessons you listed and haven’t noticed any delays. It’s possible that there was some delay in the files being accessed, but I wouldn’t imagine it would be two minutes like you had mentioned above. Does this continue happening to you, or is it now working properly?

@pschaus - I wonder if your issue might be related to a firewall or some other filter that is blocking access to the files stored on our media server. What happens if you try loading these lessons in another browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer?

(sorry, posted from a test account before!)

still doesn’t work for me though I don’t have general audio problems

I get a feeling that only the 2 most recent lessons from this course work for me

@Rudeneja - I tried these lessons in Firefox and Chrome and didn’t seem to have any issues. Do you have issues with these audio files in other browser s as well?

Also, does the player show 00:00 / 00:00 even after you click the play button, or is it showing the correct time but simply not playing?

I’ve tried them on two different computers in two different places and they work for me too.

It shows 00:00 / 00:00 for the non-loading audios

Can you figure out what is the difference between this lesson Login - LingQ (works perfectly) and this Login - LingQ (audio doesn’t start, shows 00:00)

As for IE, your system asked to upgrade to Firefox instead of the old IE which apparently is only partially supported. So I cannot really answer your question about other browsers. Oh, the beforementioned audios work on my Android, but since otherwise LingQ is so far from being optimized for Android it makes absolutely no sense for me to use it on tablet instead of pc

Both are stored on the LingQ server.

I could see this difference:
The first has: Bitrate: 128000 kb/s, Sampling rate: 44100 Hz
The second has: Bitrate: 96000 kb/s, Sampling rate: 22050 Hz

Both bitrates and sampling rates are common.

P.S. Can you download the audios? This would make clear if it is a problem of loading them or playing them.