App not working

Used the app this morning and working perfectly fine, went to use it again this afternoon and it asks for me to login despite that I didn’t logout. Tried to log in but nothing happens. I reinstalled the app and reset the phone. Tried again and still not working. Tried using my other phone and it’s the same problem.
Please help

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I have the same problem on my android phone. Sure it will be fixed soon.

Same. It won’t log in me on my Android.

So much for a study break on LingQ!

I am also having trouble with my iPhone 5s and iPad Air 2 LingQ Apps. I can log in OK but it won’t show me my LingQ Flashcards. It says the following message: ‘’ No Daily LingQs. Please switch languages or swipe to refresh." However, nothing happens it just shows this message. I have logged out and logged back in and it doesn’t help. Why? I also tried to move from English to Japanese and it still doesn’t work. Is anyone else having this problem. I’ve tried it online with my Mac and it is fine.

Hi, the same problem with the app for android. When I type wrong password than window with wrong password appears, but when I type good password than the app don’t log in.

I have the same issue. Yesterday evening I coulnd’t access the dictionary, so I signed out and tried to relogin but I couldn’t. Since then I haven’t been able to sign in on Android. However I am able to sign in from a computer with the same password. I removed the application and reinstalled but it didn’t help.

I have the same issue in the Android app.

Daily lings won’t refresh in the morning and the app consistently deletes my playlists, not very impressive so far with the app

I tried in my iphone. No problem.

Now I am signed-in again. I can listen and read lessons, create new lingqs, but I can’t access daily lingqs and when I click on “Check Dictionary”, it loads the window for the dictionary, but it is empty. Actually, this was the symptom I experienced yesterday, which I tried to solve with logging out and signing in again.

i have the same problem in my android??

Hi all,

We’re really sorry for the trouble here! This was fixed as of a few hours ago, and was an issue unique to Android. There is still an issue with Daily LingQs, and we are working to have this one fixed very soon as well.

Please let us know if you encounter any other issues with the app!

Just a heads up that the Daily LingQs should also now be working properly in the app. Thanks for your patience everyone!

Hi Alex, Thanks for fixing this! Daily LingQs is working fine now, however Check Dictionary still doesn’t work for me. A new screen appears but apart from the field where I can enter a hint, nothing appears on it. If I tap on Language and Dictionary buttons, nothing happens either.

Thanks for the heads up! This one should also now be fixed.

It is fixed now, indeed! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Me too, the same problem - but my fried it’s normal… but he has Iphone and I have Samsung ( Android )

Old daily links are working fine but the current day (today) won’t load on the app. Using iPhone lingq app

Hi! Please send us an email at support (at) and we’ll be happy to help with this!

Hmm, I checked my own account and it appears to be working properly. Is there an error message appearing when you tap on today’s list?