App not working

Same/similar problem here. Daily Lingqs are not loading in Android. It says “First, create some LingQs!”, but I have added many already and they are showing alright on my PC.

Hi Chris,
Would you please check if you have Daily LingQ selected on the Notifications page (Login - LingQ)

Thanks for your reply Zoran. Do I need to have email notifications activated so I can do vocabulary revision on my phone? I prefer not receiving any emails as my inbox is already quite busy as it is. Thanks!


I also have an issue with the app. When studying French it doesn’t let me move the blue words to known. This happens only with French. Any advice?

Hi Chris,
I think that it will be enough if you only select “Send notification”. You don’t have to receive emails if you don’t want them.

I am sorry to hear that you have trouble with this. Are you using Android app? What happens when you click on “Move All Blue Word to Known”?

Hi Zoran!

I click on “Move All Blue Word to Known” and it shows me the waiting little circle as if the app is in the process of moving the words. After that, it remains that way for a long time without completing the task.

It worked thanks. But there still is limited functionality when it comes to vocabulary revision in the Android app? No multiple choice, etc.

Thanks a lot Andrew. We are working to fix this as soon as possible! I’ll keep you updated.

Unfortunately, for now, our app doesn’t have all tests which are available on site, but we hope to add them all to app version one day as well.

I have problem with moving the blue word to Know. It seems to work at the beginning but once I come back to the lesson it appear as blue again.

Any help Zoran for this as I have reinstalled the app several time already.

Best regards

Hi williamazar,
Are you using Android app? When did you first noticed this issue?

No I am using an IPhone 5. Well I didn’t use the app a lot during the holdidays.
Before the holidays everything was ok, but I was after so maybe a week ago I noticed that.

Hi williamazar,

I reported this bug to the iOS developers. Thanks for letting us know!

Hi williamazar,
This issue should be fixed now. Thanks a lot for letting us know about it!

Hi Zoran,

I just used the app and the bug is not yet fixed. Your help is well appreciated.

Best regards

Hi williamazar,
Sorry about that, my mistake. Our iOS developer just told me that fix for this bug will be available in the next app version and that it’s not on production yet. New version will be available on iTunes within next few days.
Thanks again for letting us know about the issue and thanks for your patience.

Hi Zoran,

So when can I expected do be working normally again. Its like a routine already for me and I miss that :smiley:

And thanks Again Zoran for your continuous help.
Really appreciated

Hi williamazar,
New app version is now available on iTunes, and issue which you have reported is fixed. Thanks for your patience!