Any Spanish youtube channels with subtitles?

Hey, does anyone have a favourite youtuber they enjoy watching in Spanish? Hopefully they also have subtitles so that I can import them as lessons to LingQ. Thanks!


You might want to try ‘HolaSoyGerman’, or ‘TED en Español’, just like TED Talks, but in Spanish.


Easy Spanish - Street interviews, with English and Spanish subtitles.
Wedding RSVP cards - Digital or Printed


I like “Español con Juan”. Many (but not all) of his videos have subtitles. He also does a podcast that often has a transcript. He aims his content at an intermediate to high-intermediate level.

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Somos Nómadas TV - YouTube My recent discovery,
“En este canal podrás ver mis videos 100% originales relacionados con la exploración, la arqueología, paleontología y las fiestas y tradiciones de México”


Me gusta a ver Español con Juan, lo mas videos de él tiene subtitulos

Tambien, el hace un podcast cada senana estan divertidos. Y en su paginas web hay transcripciones por leer como ecuchas.

Here are some I watch regularly.
Most of them have auto-generated subtitles.

Las Aventuras del Tío Kev
Luisito Comunica

Gabriel Herrera

No Hay Tos Podcast

Backdoor - Humor por donde no lo esperas (adult humor)


Dreaming Spanish

La Contrahistoria/La Contracronica

De mi rancho a tu cocina

Mi Vida En USA


You can try this channel, made by a Turkish girl Gamzeli Marina. Her Spanish is as good as mine (native speaker) and she speaks a lot about Turkish culture (which I know little about, that is why I got interested). It is a weird combination I know, but it has Spanish, English and Turkish subtitles.

So one can watch it with English subtitles first to get an idea of what she is saying, and then a second time in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. :slight_smile:


She is not Turkish, she just likes Turkey and our culture.

You’re right, sorry, my bad.

Thanks buddy. A really interesting channel. I just noticed however, that the Spanish subtitles are auto-generated which can be a bit unreliable at times. I’ll definately watch the channel though for some listening practice.

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You are right, the subtitles are sometimes off :S because the sound is not so great.

This channel (Diana Uribe) has loads and loads of content about history, but it has the same problem I’m afraid:

Ultra Argentina is about human geography:

The subtitles are also self-generated but the sound is quite clear, so there seems to be fewer mistakes when the subtitles are generated.


Un Mundo Inmenso: Un Mundo Inmenso - YouTube They have actual subtitles on every video


Daily Spanish Conversations


I watch Caso Cerrado very often in YouTube. Some of the videos don’t have subtitles. However, most do. Beware the Spanish that they use here is often very fast and sometimes incomprehensible. But, it is worth the effort listening to because (1) you are exposed to a variety of different Spanish accents and (2) you get used to fast, “normal” Spanish.


She’s not Turkish!!! She is from northern Spain. It’s just that she likes Turkey and often talks about Turkish culture. Watch this: ¿Soy turca? Test de ADN | Türk müyüm? DNA Test - YouTube
Anyway, her videos are interesting

[Edit] I hadn’t realized this was already pointed out. Anyway, that particular video is interesting

Hello, this channel has subtitles in spanish and also I like to use blackboards to explain the examples and main ideas. So I think it should be easy for you to follow the lessons.: Cápsulas de español - YouTube
I hope it works for you :slight_smile:


Send this guy nice message for his excellent work. Audio Free transcript. YouTube channel


The subtitles are auto generated but I get my daily weather report for various parts of Mexico and south Texas here:

Granted it’s usually a few weeks late, but the climate changes very little and my geography skills have improved dramatically. If they speak too fast or it’s too distracting, you can also mute the sound for better concentration until your listening comprehension is better (usually around 300-400 hours). However, with the limited vocab and repetitive nature, you’ll get a better ear for it much faster.


:smiley: :smiley: The best channel I’ve ever seen. I must get subtribe this channel.thank you