Any plans for adding new languages after 5.0?

With the 5.0 update for LingQ, I was wondering when new languages would be added.
Personally, I’ve been waiting for Vietnamese, but it’d be nice to hear about plans for other languages as well.


We do have in plans to add some new languages in the near future, we are working on it. We will soon provide more information on what languages will first be added.


Has any content for Irish been submitted?


Ryan, no content has been provided for Irish yet.

is late march still when you are aiming to release them? also do you know if swahili would be ready?


Swahili can’t be added unless we receive good quality mini stories and other basic courses from volunteers. we have 20 stories currently.

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to be honest i’d rather (and i’m probably not alone) have swahili (in my case) with out any grammar guide or mini stories than to wait however long for them to be ready



I’d actually supplied the outstanding 40x Mini Stories and the audio accompaniment for them from Swahili speakers in Kenya - at a reasonable cost to myself.

Apparently LingQ thought that the standard of the audio wasn’t the best…even though I’ve actually heard worse on this platform in both the Spanish and German mini stories!

The audio was actually acceptable in my opinion, and the mini stories themselves were translated by the Swahili speakers I mentioned above.

My point I guess is let the customer decide…after all they are crying out for additional languages to be released!

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement!


So would it be likely that Icelandic would be added sometime around late March or early April?


Yes, the Brazilian Portuguese mini stories were also of poor quality, many of which were inaudible, however on the flip side, the Egyptian Arabic mini stories were re-recorded with a male reader, whereas there was nothing wrong with the previous female reader which I preferred. However I do believe that all lessons should come in both male and female voices so that men can imitate men and women can imitate women.


Is late March still when the new languages will be releasing? I’m just waiting for icelandic to be released.

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I don´t work for LingQ so I can´t tell you anything for sure, but from what I understand, Icelandic should be the next language that will be released. I´m also working on more material than just the 60 mini stories. I have some texts and audio where I just need to edit the audio and then I´ll soon start translating and reading some more beginner material from LingQ.


This gives me hope that we can have Swahili soon. LingQ, please assemble what you already have into a course, and if the audio quality is really that bad, it can be fixed later. In my opinion it’s better to get the course out and have it available, rather than trying to make it prematurely perfect.

There are several recordings in the Hebrew course with problematic audio, but they are available on the platform.

I suggest enabling users to report bad audio quality inside the lessons. That way you can have a simple automatic list of problematic recordings, rather than trying to guess which recordings users will and won’t like. We are all using different hardware and networks, which affects sound quality.

I actually almost tried to import Swahili content into LingQ yesterday, until I remembered it isn’t a course here yet.


Only another five days to the new languages, getting exited now after such a long wait


Don’t hold your breath while waiting for them to release new languages. I have emails from them promising to release in Summer 2020, Jan/Feb 2021, Summer 2021, and by the end of the year 2021. They then came back and said they don’t make any money off releasing new languages and only do it as a courtesy for subscribers. The bottom line is don’t trust any timelines given by this company.


We stick to the plan and we will add 2 new languages within a next few days. I won’t say what languages, please don’t ask, we’ll keep that as secret for now. :slight_smile:


Why, we are not children


It is pretty simple. If they say which languages they will release in the “next few days” then people who want those languages will be looking for them in the “next few days” and when they blow past a couple of weeks these people will call them on it. By not saying which languages are being released they can hope nobody pays attention to the fact that is is now three days past when this was posted and no action has been taken and it is unlikely that they will release anything in the next few months let alone days.


@ricedj1 I am glad you are into conspiracy theories, but nothing similar is happening here. Two languages are in process of being added and will be available soon.

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